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Myrrh Blackwell
Talora de Black
Thu Dec 24, 2009 19:50

“Talora…Talora…” muttered Myrrh under her breath as she flicked through several sheaves of parchment before coming along the girl. She shouldn’t be in her pile at all, no doubt another mistake made by that idiot that was the Head of Weir house. Myrrh looked up at the couple with a polite smile. The man was straightforward and didn’t waste time with all those ridiculous pleasantries everyone else seemed intent on plaguing her with. This would do very well indeed. “Talora is a bright child. She has excellent marks and gets along well with her peer group. I never seen anything to be concerned about, Mr and Mrs de Black.”

  • The unhallowed earthBertram de Black, Thu Dec 24 19:22
    He had not wanted to come. He rarely went out at all these days, prefering home comforts and the retirement of his beautiful library. And indeed his home was so peaceful,so tranquil there was no need ... more
    • Talora de Black — Myrrh Blackwell, Thu Dec 24 19:50
      • A gentle reminderCrystal Lake de Black, Thu Dec 24 20:53
        "That's lovely to hear," Crystal said smiling gently down at Talora and giving her a one armed hug. "Well done Talora, you make your daddy and I very proud," she added. Straightening up and smoothing ... more
        • InstructionsProf. Shoney, Fri Dec 25 21:19
          Shoney smiled at the de Black family. "You needn't worry," he assured Mrs. de Black. I remmeber your special instructions regarding your daughter very well. She has only been alowed to watch the... more
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