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Mrs Jane Hardy
Excuse Me?
Thu Dec 24, 2009 20:08

Jane turned to the harsh woman with a clearly oblivious stare. She smiled at her politely and looked around the couple with a blithe smile. She had not meant to wander, not meant to intrude on what was probably something very important that she didn't have the faintest clue about. But something stopped her from moving aside quickly as would be the norm.

The face of a child swam into view and she titled her head to look at her more closely. Only this child was not a child to her, she was a peer, a fellow trouble maker, a fellow Ravenclaw. They giggled as they ran along the corridors together, flushed red as they fought and then they were swept up into darkness together. "Brooke," she muttered under her breath, her hand reaching out to touch the ghost of the dead. Something dislodged further in the back of her head as it sensed a familiar presence. The scent of the blood was unmistakable to that sense.

As soon as it came it had gone and she drew back her hand feeling quite ashamed of herself. "Sorry," she smiled awkwardly at the woman who had spoken.

  • DreadfulMrs Laimona Vashkiene, Thu Dec 24 19:57
    "Excuse me," a slightly haughty female voice said as Mrs Hardy wandered obviously amidst their party. "I do believe we were next," the voice continued and Mrs Vashka pointedly glared at the mousy... more
    • Excuse Me? — Mrs Jane Hardy, Thu Dec 24 20:08
      • A Danuliete girlVytaus Vashka, Thu Dec 24 20:17
        "Wait," Vytaus commanded. And he was not a man to be gainsaid. Turning towards the mousy woman he stared at her curiously. He would have dismissed her as a harmless eccentric, or quite possibly have... more
        • Another Danuliete girlZydrie, Thu Dec 24 20:33
          Zydrie loathed this. She had in fact been dreading this parents' evening ever since it had been announced before Christmas. Her parents were so embarrassing. They were bound to be awkward with the... more
          • Danuliete WomanMrs Hardy & Orion, Thu Dec 24 20:43
            "I didn't say a word," Jane smiled at the intimidating man politely. "Is your name Brooke is it?" she smiled down at the young girl. "I used to know someone called Brooke, in fact you look just... more
            • On bloodZydrie Vashkaite, Fri Dec 25 15:37
              Zydrie was confused. Worried and confused. She stared madly after her friend Orion. That was her mother? Seriously? But how was that possible? The bloodline was not wrong. Or, she corrected herself,... more
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