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Mrs Hardy & Orion
Danuliete Woman
Thu Dec 24, 2009 20:43

"I didn't say a word," Jane smiled at the intimidating man politely. "Is your name Brooke is it?" she smiled down at the young girl. "I used to know someone called Brooke, in fact you look just like..." her words were cut off by two sets of arms clasping firmly around her own. Francisco jumped in quicker that lightning at the mention of an all too familiar name. "Come along, dear," he muttered in her ear rather sinisterly. "Don't harass people like that," she smiled at her husband and let him drag her away.

Orion had jumped in at the same time too but her Dad had got there before her and thankfully dragged her ditzy mother off to safety. She turned to her friend and grinned. "Sorry about her, she's a little, um, slow." Orion blushed. "She's brilliant really, my Mum, had a Quidditch accident and I too many hits in the head, you know? So, how's it going?"

Inside Jane's head the demon was hissing madly, clawing at the walls of her prison in an attempt to return to the Danuliete connection it desired and lacked. That girl was part of her, the same blood flowed through her veins and though not Brooke still just as useful in her eyes. Prophecy hissed as she was dragged away by her jailer and returned to plotting her escape.

  • Another Danuliete girlZydrie, Thu Dec 24 20:33
    Zydrie loathed this. She had in fact been dreading this parents' evening ever since it had been announced before Christmas. Her parents were so embarrassing. They were bound to be awkward with the... more
    • Danuliete Woman — Mrs Hardy & Orion, Thu Dec 24 20:43
      • On bloodZydrie Vashkaite, Fri Dec 25 15:37
        Zydrie was confused. Worried and confused. She stared madly after her friend Orion. That was her mother? Seriously? But how was that possible? The bloodline was not wrong. Or, she corrected herself,... more
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