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Crystal Lake de Black
A gentle reminder
Thu Dec 24, 2009 20:53

"That's lovely to hear," Crystal said smiling gently down at Talora and giving her a one armed hug. "Well done Talora, you make your daddy and I very proud," she added.

Straightening up and smoothing out her long purple skirt she added thoughtfully, "If you could just check your file Professor and make sure you have the note about flying I would be so grateful. There was a terrible accident you see when she was little, she does not remember of course but her father and I," she held out her hand to Bertram, a show of unity on the issue, "Decided that it would be best if Talora did not fly."

Crystal smiled a long sad smile. For an ex-Hogwarts Quidditch coach and an avid player it was a continuing cause of sadness to her that Bertram would not let Talora fly. But on this point he was adamant and Crystal, the loyal wife, would not go against her husband's wishes.

He could not face another Brooke. The physical resemblance made his old heart ache unbearably. Quidditch mania he could not and would not cope with.

The old note he was carrying that fateful day; Brooke's call up to England Quidditch camp still lay in an old cobweb covered trunk in their attic. And it ate away at him.

Crystal nodded hopefully at the Professor, "If you could just check," she reiterated.

  • Talora de BlackMyrrh Blackwell, Thu Dec 24 19:50
    “Talora…Talora…” muttered Myrrh under her breath as she flicked through several sheaves of parchment before coming along the girl. She shouldn’t be in her pile at all, no doubt another mistake made... more
    • A gentle reminder — Crystal Lake de Black, Thu Dec 24 20:53
      • InstructionsProf. Shoney, Fri Dec 25 21:19
        Shoney smiled at the de Black family. "You needn't worry," he assured Mrs. de Black. I remmeber your special instructions regarding your daughter very well. She has only been alowed to watch the... more
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