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Sigismund Steinsson
The Wild
Fri Dec 25, 2009 00:51

The winter winds cut through Steinsson's thick skin, his hair prickling with the goose pimples that now dotted the landscape of his body. He pulled his cloak tight, but left his hand intertwined with Cora's, braving the freezing cold in the interest of feeling her radiant warmth, if but in a metaphysical sense alone. Alive and alert the two souls, much more mature than their years gave them credit for, lazily sauntered into the cool air of the wild itself. Beyond the soft cushy walls, and warmth of the manor, Sigismund felt himself grow more and more at ease.

His grasp on Cora's hand tightened, as they marched through the uneven terrain of the wooded outskirts of the forest. The dancing lights of the manor all but forgotten, they walked in silence. Sigismund stopped on occasion to admire nature--- a leaf, an odd shaped branched, a print in the snow--- the small treasures of the Earth. They came to a rest finally, next to a large overturned log--- and searching for words other than childish inquiries about her and Kaspar, Sigismund opted for something he had only recently acquired a penchant for--- small talk.

"So, Cora... Are you excited for the Parent's Evening? I figure... Kaspar and I won't really have much to look forward to. Wasn't sure if your parents were coming or not?" he smiled awkwardly, then frowned, reconsidering "Not that, I don't know... maybe your parents are like ours, less-than-desirable company? Not that I'd speak ill of your parents! Um..." Sigismund drew silent, the younger girl clutched his hand comfortingly, her eyes never yielding from their trajectory, locked on his own. He felt something in her, a raw power beyond that which an innocent girl should possess, something dark and dangerous creeping and lurking.

Stirring in himself, beyond the mild elation of being alone with her--- or even his increased heartbeat, was that wild beast that lived in him. The dangerous bits of both Sigismund and Cora seemed to tangle with one another in the cold beside them, though Sigismund swore he was merely imagining such things--- he after all, was barely capable of the most rudimentary spell casting, surely he couldn't have such powers of perception? It seemed that however violent the nature of the impending darkness was, Sigismund still could not for the life of him peel his hand away from her hand and the lightness it cast over his heart.

"What is your secret Cora Corrington?" he found the words slipping from his tongue, emboldened by some sort of unseen conviction. It seemed almost as if, she was forcefully willing the words from him--- as if some murky divinity in her eyes was drawing forth his most brazen thoughts. "What is it that makes me think of you... When I am so willing to write off the rest? What is it that makes me believe there is a reason for me to stay at this school? I am not a wizard, I don't know who I'm kidding... You've seen me in class, I'm rubbish... I'm not rich or powerful like the rest of the Balgrens... I couldn't even get myself on a broomstick much less excel at Quidditch... So why is it--- that when I think about leaving, I stay? And why is it... that the reason I stay, when I really deeply think about it... goes even beyond just casual friends like Troy, or even close friends like Kaspar... Why does it always, Cora Corrington seem to come back to you?"

He let the question hang in the air, a weight off his chest, but another now tugging on his heart, as he awaited her reply.

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