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Zydrie Vashkaite
On blood
Fri Dec 25, 2009 15:37

Zydrie was confused. Worried and confused. She stared madly after her friend Orion. That was her mother? Seriously? But how was that possible? The bloodline was not wrong. Or, she corrected herself, had never been wrong before.

The female line of the Danuliete tree, was linked in some undefinable manner. Certain links were stronger than others it was true. Zydrie knew that her grandmother claimed to have had an almost psychic link with her two sisters when younger. Not that this was the norm. It was generally more of an acknowledgment, a recognition. The blood heard the call of its familiar and wove its threads around them both. When one member died the others, bound by these invisible bonds, felt the pull and lurch of the crossing.

Zydrie felt slightly sick. Still shaking from the force of the contact she waited for the inevitable questioning from her parents.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see Ri's dad clasping her mother in some sort of weird embrace. Parents! Who would have them? So embarrassing.

  • Danuliete WomanMrs Hardy & Orion, Thu Dec 24 20:43
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    • On blood — Zydrie Vashkaite, Fri Dec 25 15:37
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