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Cora Corrington
It Lives In Me, It Lives In You
Fri Dec 25, 2009 16:54

There was something both beautiful and dangerous about the world in winter. How the harsh bite of the frost could invigorate the senses and yet the slightest misplaced foot could send you down into the icy embrace of snow. Surrounded by the deceptive and treacherous blanket of white, sparkling like a thousand diamonds, Cora felt strangely at peace. This was her realm and even though frozen, the element of water remained the same and she could feel it calling to her softly.

Sigismund’s hand in hers kept her grounded and helped her resist the urge to sprint off into the endless white and dive into the waters of the lake. She felt his grip tighten as they moved away from the lake and towards the outskirts of the forest and then came a most unexpected surprise. They had never before spoken idly; their conversations were nothing if not filled with meaning and profundity.

“Parent’s evening?” she smiled at him. The thought hadn’t even crossed her mind. Although a siren could drag herself away from her sisters and the ocean’s song to dwell on land her mother had only left once. When she had saved her father from her sisters and lived with him for a while after Cora was born. But you couldn’t change the nature of a creature so set in her ways. She’d kill her father and returned to the ocean with the baby girl. Her mother, Ligeia, placed Cora with a pagan woman who lived by the water and taught her about the spirits that guided mortals and how to listen to the song of the sea. The old woman had long since died so no, there was no one coming to Aelcrest for her.

“I think my father’s grave is too far away for his spirit to come here and my mother…no she won’t leave her home for this. You wouldn’t want her too.” Her eyes were unfathomable as she spoke, showing not a trace of fear or shame and neither did she feel it. Cora had long since forgiven Ligeia for her father’s murder. There was nothing that could change the past after all. She stopped suddenly in the snow and pressed her body against his in a warm embrace, shielding them from the bitter cold. He allowed the power within her to be freed and yet she could control it for his safety. There was a similar power deep within his soul and it called to hers.

She breathed in deeply, almost tasting the musky scent of him underneath his clothing. There would always be a point where too much time had passed to keep the dark secret any longer, where their friendship would depend on a deep understanding. “I could ask you the same question,” she said with a knowing smile. “You should know that what you feel is not a reflection on your discipline. I haven’t broken you Sigismund – it is very important you know that,” she gave him an encouraging smile and turned their feet back to the lake. “I can’t tell you,” she explained, “I have to show you.”

When they reached the lake it was covered in a thin sheet of ice. With a moccasin clad foot she reached forward and broke it gently, revealing the dark, murky water below. She slipped off her floaty, light blue patterned kaftan and let it fall to her feet. It was not meant to heighten his feelings but only to reveal the metallic gold bathing suit below. Her woolly brown tights and boots followed immediately after and she took his hand once again.

“Don’t be afraid,” she whispered to him as she brought him into the water with her. She didn’t feel the bite of the ice as it nipped at her skin and nor would he, she would protect him. Holding him close she took him down below the surface and as they sank she began to change. Her legs disappeared into shimmering scales, swishing gently with the power of the water, her eyes became one singular ocean blue colour and her hair seemed to crown her in a halo of yellow. The revelation was not complete however and she began to sing, for the first time since she had come to Aelcrest – letting her voice rise to the surface above them and reverberating back from the ice.

The song was beautiful, her voice deadly as she kept her friend close to her, protecting him from the water as it recognised a creature not meant to tread there. The song was one her mother taught her, a lament for dead lovers long since gone, but full of hope for lovers in the future. “You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the power,” she told him, her voice surprisingly clear above the rush of water and she knew he could hear her. “I feel it in me, just as you feel the Siren in you. It is what draws us three together. So tell me, what power is it that lies in you that calls to me?” she swam forward and placed her palm on his chest.

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