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Lys Campbell
A long night
Fri Dec 25, 2009 18:51

The car, elegant as it was, was also quite expensive. Rather than wait through the mash of traffic that the night had conjured up, she arranged a pick up time with the driver, paid him what she owed for getting her and stepped out in to the night air.
A lot of things couldn’t have been helped that night. Charlie’s absence, owing to his being banned from School Nights several years ago. That last-minute Muggle-Liaison meeting. The fact that her feet were killing her in those stupid dress shoes. And now the traffic. Well, at least the night was cool and quiet..
She stepped into the Manor and cursed Charlie for punching that man years ago. If eh hadn’t, he would have had the dubious honour of intermingling with these other. Of going from table to table, pretending she cared how her kids were doing academically. She got notices whenever Grace earned another detention, and figured if they had been expelled she would already know about it. She determined to see the Heads of Weir and Balgren first, as she was fairly certain to get a good report from them.
But first
“Is there anything I should be prepared to hear?”
“No Mom.”
She raised an eyebrow. When all your siblings report in unison, something is wrong. She turned her gaze to Thom. So did his siblings.
Thom squirmed under the triple threat. “We haven’t done anything to get in really big trouble for.”
Lys pursed her lips, turning that sentence over rand over, before deciding that she would leave it as school mischief unless told otherwise. She turned to her twins. “And what have you two to say?”
“I haven’t gotten a detention since the lat one.” Grace pointed out.
“And I didn’t mean to set of that stink bomb in the dorm room,” Randy added.
“Sure, blame a bomb.”
He shoved her and she shoved him back, but Lys managed to split them up before anything more occurred and made her way to her to the Balgren table.
Professor Rose had nothing but good things to say about Thom. Professor Shoney, in between small talk about life cycles, the dullness that accompanies some jobs, and whether or not the muggles are onto something with their ground Quidditch, managed to expound on each of them, Lys supposed it was because he didn’t know which of them was in his House. Thom had an artistic nature that showed up in his notes and really needed to speak up more in class. Randy was very personable and had some problems with his Transfiguration assignments, Grace actually showed remarkable talent in Transfiguration, if only she would discipline herself to actually doing the work. Bolstered with these comments, Lys made her way towards the Reym table.
Her brothers having already wandered off, Grace shifted nervously foot to foot.
“We don’t really have to go here, Mom.”
“Yes we do.”
“No, really we don’t. All she’s gonna say is that I get too many detentions and stuff and you’ve already know about that. There’s nothing new for her to say. “
“ I’m staying.”
“Yeah but we don’t have to. You gotta be tired anyway. I’m sure Professor Blackwell will totally understand .”
“Talk all you want, I’m not moving.”
Grace looked around desperately and spotted the Hardys further down the line. “Okay I’m just gonna go.”
“If you leave, I’m giving your birthday present to charity.”
“I;m just going over there.”
Lys looked at where she pointed. “Any further and --”
“I know I know. “
She bolted for the Hardy family to reintroduce herself. “Mrs. Leos mum , Mr. Leosdad hi. You member me?”

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    • A long night — Lys Campbell, Fri Dec 25 18:51
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              • Danuliete WomanMrs Hardy & Orion, Thu Dec 24 20:43
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                • On bloodZydrie Vashkaite, Fri Dec 25 15:37
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    • The unhallowed earthBertram de Black, Thu Dec 24 19:22
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      • Talora de BlackMyrrh Blackwell, Thu Dec 24 19:50
        “Talora…Talora…” muttered Myrrh under her breath as she flicked through several sheaves of parchment before coming along the girl. She shouldn’t be in her pile at all, no doubt another mistake made... more
        • A gentle reminderCrystal Lake de Black, Thu Dec 24 20:53
          "That's lovely to hear," Crystal said smiling gently down at Talora and giving her a one armed hug. "Well done Talora, you make your daddy and I very proud," she added. Straightening up and smoothing ... more
          • InstructionsProf. Shoney, Fri Dec 25 21:19
            Shoney smiled at the de Black family. "You needn't worry," he assured Mrs. de Black. I remmeber your special instructions regarding your daughter very well. She has only been alowed to watch the... more
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        • Hardly charmedJael and Devon Grace, Thu Dec 24 12:23
          It was an incredible testament to Devon Grace's steady unraveling that he had chosen this man by sight to ask such a question to. Erin had asked to come along; he should have let her. The man -... more
          • EscapingKaspar O'Conner, Thu Dec 24 12:41
            Kaspar was on his to escape his father Kevin who was trying to figure out which girl was Lexie and why he son was so taken with her. Of course Kaspar couldn’t allow Father to figure it out so he... more
            • Me, tooJael Grace, Thu Dec 24 13:01
              Jael regarded the boy's nose, how smooth it looked right where it met the space between his eyes and forehead. That area was like a crossroads, she had noticed lately, especially on her dolls. Daddy... more
              • Then we can escape togetherKaspar, Thu Dec 24 13:13
                Kaspar frowned when the girl just said Hello, she was quiet and unsure of herself, much like Kaspar had when first coming here. Now he had Cora and Siggy the closest thing to best friends he ever... more
                • Got my suitcase!Jael Grace, Thu Dec 24 15:56
                  Kaspar ducked from the sight of his father, and Jael swayed slightly on the spot, her frame pulled a little off-balance as she was still holding his hand, but otherwise her feet stayed on the ground. ... more
                  • Good I'm packed too :)Kaspar, Sat Dec 26 12:18
                    Kaspar looked down at the girl when she asked Now? Confused he glanced around and said. “What do you mean now?” He asked he didn’t mean to be rude or anything he was just confused by the little girl... more
                    • OOCJael, Sat Dec 26 22:52
                      *points up* we moved up!! had to make some fun. check the royalty's thread! hope you don't mind i dragged you in!
    • Circling the crowdsHeadmaster Drizzle Shoney, Wed Dec 23 18:58
      There was something about that rule. Teachers must sit on one side of the table and parents the other. He didn't hate it per se, but it really was quite annoying. Hardly the proper way for parents... more
      • UnworthyThe Derby Family, Wed Dec 23 22:48
        Georgia watched as her Uncle's car pulled up the long driveway of Aelcrest Manor. His car was among many as parents flocked to the school to assess how well it was educating their off spring. It was... more
        • IntroductionsPorf. Shoney, Wed Dec 23 23:28
          He smiled at the man before him. "Ah, good evening and you are" he looked around and noticed the embarassed looking third-year. "ah, yes, you are Miss Derby's guardian. I am Professor Shoney, one of... more
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