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The Hardy Family
Too Close
Fri Dec 25, 2009 19:29

He was forced to cease berating his wife when the figure of their previous houseguest jumped in front of them. He shot a final glance at the girl his wife had called Brooke with a frown. This was getting too close for comfort, any minute someone could…

“Ah! You didn’t tell me you came here as well as selling cookies. How talented you are!” Jane leant over and gave Grace a kiss on each cheek. Cisco stuck out his hand to her and shook it gently. Then his eyes met some that very familiar indeed. He shifted uncomfortably on his feet and tried to think of a way to explain not only Jamie’s death but also his new wife’s existence. It had been a long time since they had been friends.

“Lys,” he croaked, the traces of a grin threatening to crease his face. But it had been a long time since Francisco Hardy had smiled and age was wearing his happiness thin. The experiment had been a toll of his face and he could feel the lines acutely. It had to be protected, he could not throw his life away for nothing. “You look good,” he managed a grin. Jane peered at her blithely, waiting to be introduced. “This is my wife…Jane,” he introduced her swiftly and pulled Leo in front of him, his hands on his shoulders. “My boy Leo and…” he looked around and spotted his daughter and called her to his side. She giggled and waved her goodbye to the Brooke-Girl and jogged over, her black curls bobbing – an image of her mother in her Hogwarts days. “My daughter Orion.”

  • A long nightLys Campbell, Fri Dec 25 18:51
    The car, elegant as it was, was also quite expensive. Rather than wait through the mash of traffic that the night had conjured up, she arranged a pick up time with the driver, paid him what she owed... more
    • Too Close — The Hardy Family, Fri Dec 25 19:29
      • ReintroducitionsLys, Fri Dec 25 20:05
        She turned from the Reym table with a disgrunteled feeling. This was the Professor Blackwell who was supposed to be the terror of the students body? Back in her day, terrifying teachers were actually ... more
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