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Fri Dec 25, 2009 20:05

She turned from the Reym table with a disgrunteled feeling. This was the Professor Blackwell who was supposed to be the terror of the students body? Back in her day, terrifying teachers were actually terrifying. And to judge by the report she'd gotten, Lys was fairly certain tehre was more than one Grace there and that the woman had read from the wrong file.

She found her daughter getting a kiss on the cheek from a plain looking witch with brown hair, who stood beside...

Lys moved to introduce herself and smiled as she recognized her old schoolmate. She looked at the woman next to her, then looked again. The woman was not Jamie, whose wedding to Csisco Hardy had become so important way back when. This one didn't look familiar, but Lys had a Feeling, a gnawing soemwhere inside that soemthing about this woman was wrong. She shook Jane's hand and blinked extra hard. Yes, the contacts were still in, leaving her eyes a hazel-like brown colur. Then why did she feel as though their true colors were shining through, and that this woman could see it.

"Pleasure to meet you." she said "and to see you again. At least, now I know Grace had somewhere decent to go to last summer. If you need anything replaced or anything from then, you'll be sure to send me a bill won't you?" she added, much to Grace's embarassment.

  • Too CloseThe Hardy Family, Fri Dec 25 19:29
    He was forced to cease berating his wife when the figure of their previous houseguest jumped in front of them. He shot a final glance at the girl his wife had called Brooke with a frown. This was... more
    • Reintroducitions — Lys, Fri Dec 25 20:05
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