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Good I'm packed too :)
Sat Dec 26, 2009 12:18

Kaspar looked down at the girl when she asked Now? Confused he glanced around and said. “What do you mean now?” He asked he didn’t mean to be rude or anything he was just confused by the little girl who had spoken so little. “Would you like to go see the Weir commons? I can show you just as we say goodbye to our parents.” He sighed and glanced over at Lexie, he wished it was her standing next to him but it wouldn’t happen her parents and just about every highborn was too.

  • Got my suitcase!Jael Grace, Thu Dec 24 15:56
    Kaspar ducked from the sight of his father, and Jael swayed slightly on the spot, her frame pulled a little off-balance as she was still holding his hand, but otherwise her feet stayed on the ground. ... more
    • Good I'm packed too :) — Kaspar, Sat Dec 26 12:18
      • OOCJael, Sat Dec 26 22:52
        *points up* we moved up!! had to make some fun. check the royalty's thread! hope you don't mind i dragged you in!
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