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Anastasia Bastrova
A Royal Reply
Sat Dec 26, 2009 20:40

Anastasia smoothed her fine, golden blonde hair behind her ear and allowed Mr Archer to take her hand. Much like him, she had watched the adults play this strange game and she had learned how best to act on such an occasion. Russia may have been the home of elegance but England was surely the birthplace of manners and two combined perfectly in the sapphire blue eyed Princess.

“My dear, Mr Archer,” she gave him a dazzling yet humble smile, “you do me a great honour and I would be simply delighted to attend the ball with such a fine, handsome young man.” The honey coated words dripped off her tongue like they were practised, which of course they were.

There were very few families left that really were of that pure-blooded calibre both she and Felton belonged to. It limited ones social circle so but helped in making allegiances well. After all, Felton was related to Aaron, the son and heir of the Lady Willoughby who had formerly been a Swales and who had attended school with her own mother, who had been a Calver before her advantageous marriage to the Russian Prince who in turn were distant relatives of the Meskos. All in all quite the tight group they kept.

  • An address to a PrincessFelton Archer, Sat Dec 26 20:06
    "Princess Anastasia, I would be greatly honoured if you would do me the utmost privilege of allowing me to escort you to the Ball," Felton Archer, dressed in a tiny version of an Armani suit,... more
    • A Royal Reply — Anastasia Bastrova, Sat Dec 26 20:40
      • That will show themFelton, Sat Dec 26 20:52
        He brushed his lips across her hand. "The honour is all mine I can assure you Princess," he said and could not help a slightly self-satisfied smirk cross his face. That would show that Mesko jerk.... more
        • Warm AppreciationAnastasia, Sat Dec 26 21:06
          Anastasia smiled delightedly as he kissed the back of her hand lightly. Such a proper gentleman and with such manners! Some thought that her sister was the shrewder of the twins, having matched... more
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