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That will show them
Sat Dec 26, 2009 20:52

He brushed his lips across her hand. "The honour is all mine I can assure you Princess," he said and could not help a slightly self-satisfied smirk cross his face. That would show that Mesko jerk. Come to that it would show her idiot brother too.

Felton Archer produced a small jewellry box out of his inside breast pocket.

"I would be most honoured if you would accept this small token of my appreciation," he said and opened up the box for her to see.

  • A Royal ReplyAnastasia Bastrova, Sat Dec 26 20:40
    Anastasia smoothed her fine, golden blonde hair behind her ear and allowed Mr Archer to take her hand. Much like him, she had watched the adults play this strange game and she had learned how best to ... more
    • That will show them — Felton, Sat Dec 26 20:52
      • Warm AppreciationAnastasia, Sat Dec 26 21:06
        Anastasia smiled delightedly as he kissed the back of her hand lightly. Such a proper gentleman and with such manners! Some thought that her sister was the shrewder of the twins, having matched... more
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