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Warm Appreciation
Sat Dec 26, 2009 21:06

Anastasia smiled delightedly as he kissed the back of her hand lightly. Such a proper gentleman and with such manners! Some thought that her sister was the shrewder of the twins, having matched herself so properly to Van Mesko so early on but this was not so. Mesko was a fool who could not control his temper and this would show in due course and leave Alexandria in the dirt behind her as she sailed into the sunset with someone much more worth her status.

She took the little jewellery box with a small curtsy and did him the honour of opening it before him so he could see her reaction. As fake and practised as that reaction was. She opened it to reveal a flower corsage made not of perishable leaf and petal but of diamond and gold. She placed her hand over her breast where her heart beat beneath the flesh in surprise. “Mr Archer you do exceed yourself! My most warm thanks,” she breathed, placing a single kiss on his left cheek.

  • That will show themFelton, Sat Dec 26 20:52
    He brushed his lips across her hand. "The honour is all mine I can assure you Princess," he said and could not help a slightly self-satisfied smirk cross his face. That would show that Mesko jerk.... more
    • Warm Appreciation — Anastasia, Sat Dec 26 21:06
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