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The triple combo
Sat Dec 26, 2009 21:25

Ted looked at Kai. The and Leone,. Then Kai again.

Okay then.

He shrugged.

"Right. Well. Leone has the brains, the beauty, and ...other stuff. so I figured what the hey? Plus she asked me and you know I can't just turn down a pretty lady. It would be worse than rude if I did. As for why I did it" he nudged Kai back "let's just have between the three of us and this table here huh? I can't have other girls getting jealous and avoiding me. No offense, Leone, but between you and the job pays bills."

  • Blustering inKai, Sat Dec 26 20:33
    Kai slapped the unsuspecting Ted on the back. "Dude nice work, my lady Lee tells me you're taking her to the ball. She claims just as friends but," he winked and grinned conspiratorially at Ted,... more
    • The triple combo — Ted, Sat Dec 26 21:25
      • Away We GoLeone, Sat Dec 26 22:37
        “Not a problem, sport,” she said quickly, pushing Ted as fast a s she could in the direction of the doorway. “Nice to see you Kai, I’ll catch you around, bye!” and before Kai could object Leone had... more
        • HagglingTed, Sat Dec 26 23:17
          Ted let himself be dragged, because it was Leone. " He’s taking Sally can you believe it?” Ted peered around to find Sally James "Wow. Good choice Katini. Ow." That lat came from Leone's right foot... more
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