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Jael Grace
moving up in the world
Sat Dec 26, 2009 22:52

Watching Devon, Jael's heart sank. She wasn't often in tune with the meanings of everything around her, but this one was pretty clear. Daddy's flirting with the lady was getting farther and farther along the line, and - though plenty of people thought she was stupid - Jael remembered well her conversation earlier that day with two of her "other aunties," as Erin called them. Cassandra and Eve.

They had sat her down on a little stool in the kitchen, while Daddy was out lecturing one of his professors for careless response time to a student fistfight, and Eve and frowned, before making Jael's dress just a touch lighter. "All right, baby," Cassandra had said kindly, giving a sad look to Jael. Jael had cocked her head to the side like a bird. "We've gotta make this really clear, okay? We're gonna need all your smarts and skills."

What skills? Jael had thought, but admittedly it was rare to see both her nanny and Daddy's co-Head in such agreement.

"You better make sure he doesn't get into trouble when he drops you off. We looked up this . . . event he's dropping you off at, and if I know your dad, he's gonna want to stick around where there's lots of . . ."

"Hot girls,"
Auntie Eve finished easily, with a tiny snarl. "He can't get himself in trouble. I . . ." she gritted her teeth, saying anything positive about Devon was difficult for Eve, "I need him here, and if he does anything bad, you'll lose him too."

"You can watch out for him, right, Jay-bird?"
Cassandra finished softly. And Jael had nodded, promised, and for the most part forgotten about it. Until now.

The girl Daddy was talking to had just turned a little towards Jael, and Jael noticed something that couldn't be put aside. Even in Muggle clothes, the girl had a messenger bag slung over one shoulder, and inside of it, hardly concealed from Jael's point of view, were a set of student robes. Devon was talking up a student. He was practically ready to pounce, she was sure, and Cassandra and Eve had warned her. Daddy would go away if he did something bad, and this could definitely be a problem.

With a lurch Jael moved forward, making a beeline right across the room for Devon, but refusing to let go of Kaspar's hand. Daddy had always held her hand, Cassandra always had; everyone had. In fact, no one really felt comfortable being around Jael and not watching out for her some way, so hand-holding was normalcy for her. The suitcase swung in her hand as she was able to bring herself up to a speed-walking pace, plowing around through the people with a rare amount of energy for herself. And then there was an obstacle.

A family of finely dressed people blocked her way, but she had gone straight thus far, and Devon was just on the other side of them. Surely she could make it through them. They were moving too, the woman dragging a girl by her arm as Jael was dragging Kaspar, but before Jael could come up with a plan to get around a group of people (a difficult task as she was set on going in a straight line), she collided right with them, like a bowling ball dressed in lace and silk bows. Her suitcase hit one of them smack on the face, and she had stepped on one of their toes in the process, catching her own weight against yet another one of their fancy bodies. The collision stopped both groups from moving, and Jael blinked as she stayed where she was, leaning on another person, one hand in Kasper's and one with her suitcase, utterly bewildered.

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