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Sat Dec 26, 2009 23:17

Ted let himself be dragged, because it was Leone.

" He’s taking Sally can you believe it?”

Ted peered around to find Sally James "Wow. Good choice Katini. Ow." That lat came from Leone's right foot making rough friends with his left foot. " I'm only saying, there are a lot worse girls he could have picked. Besides, thanks to that I get to go with you. What could be better?" His gaze, of its own accord found Sophie. He sighed and asked, in usual Trader's tone "Whata ya say to a little bit of a trade Leone? Just for a dance or two? Then I'll be all yours again for the rest of the year?"

  • Away We GoLeone, Sat Dec 26 22:37
    “Not a problem, sport,” she said quickly, pushing Ted as fast a s she could in the direction of the doorway. “Nice to see you Kai, I’ll catch you around, bye!” and before Kai could object Leone had... more
    • Haggling — Ted, Sat Dec 26 23:17
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