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Sigismund Steinsson
The Siren Song of Nature
Sun Dec 27, 2009 01:49

Her hand clutching his, Sigismund couldn't help but flood his senses with every intoxicating aspect of her natural aura. She gave him her explanation of her 'parent's evening situation', and before he could awkwardly apologize for bringing it up--- she laid him bare with a brutally honest statement: “You should know that what you feel is not a reflection on your discipline. I haven’t broken you Sigismund – it is very important you know that." The words caromed through his veins, and a very deep part of him that had been insecure, was reassured to know she sensed his weakness, and sought to remedy it. She sought to strengthen that which she had softened.

Before Sigismund could reply, Cora was shedding her clothing, promising to show him her secret--- to entrust to him something. He tried to avert his eyes from her, but found that he couldn't pry his gaze from her natural beauty accentuated by the golden suit she now was clad only in. She led him to the waters edge--- and the closer she came to the lake, the greater the transformation in her persona he witnessed. As they reached the water, she continued down into the depths, dragging Sigismund along--- he realized the water seemed not to have the frigid effect he had feared it might, and soon he was submerged comfortably in it.

Sigismund opened his eyes, allowing them to slowly adjust to the murky water. He was startled to find Cora now seemingly adorned by a halo, her legs transformed into scales--- her blue eyes finding him even in the dark wintery waters. Her mouth opened, and Sigismund for the first time in his life, found himself overcome with the joyous wonderment of life itself. Cora's song seemed to last an eternity, but as it ended--- Sigismund nearly wept of sorrow--- he desired more. He knew then, in his heart, his ears would never be satisified--- they would always crave more of her song. She came towards him in the water now, moving effortlessly against the unseen currents. She spoke as clearly as if she were on land--- and for the first time, Sigismund realized his breathing had become easy and uninterrupted, even with the prolonged submersion in the lake.

She had told him not to be afraid, and he did not fear. He slowly opened his mouth--- expecting it to become choked with the briney water of the lake--- but instead found he could speak, even here. He formed words slowly, getting used to the sensation, "I will show you too." With his statement rather plain, he closed his eyes and imagined the woods--- the rush of running over fallen logs and the thrill of the hunt--- the beast stirred inside of his chest. His arms began to jerk at odd angles, his hips rotating and elongating, his arms and chest becoming covered in the coarse fur of the wolf within. His teeth sharpened into gleaming fangs--- his eyes narrow yellowed bloodshot slits. His nose elongated into a snout. His breath became the ragged and rank, the fierce breathing of an animal.

"This is me, Cora. This is what I really am." His words came as a growl. He could see, for the first time, his transformation was not greated with fear, or even the scientific intrigue his former mentor had shown--- it was being viewed as if it was the most natural of occurances. Surprised by his control over the bloodthirsty mind of the wolf, Sigismund mused that perhaps Cora's presence had a soothing effect on him. He marveled at the sight they must be--- a Siren and a Werewolf floating in the murky recesses of the lake. The wolf in him was uneasy, uncertain of it's surroundings--- and as such, the aggression it usually promoted was gone. It instead, was at the mercy of the strange creature sustaining it's ability to breath.

Sigismund reached down a clawed hand, and tried to caress Cora's---- which was once again planted firmly over his heart--- now hearing the rabid beating of the creature he had become. It slowed at her touch though, Sigismund's discipline was emboldened by her presence, her grace, her hand. He had never felt closer, nor farther, from anyone all at once. Staring deep into the blue of her eyes--- like oceans themselves--- Sigismund begged "Please sing again Cora... Sing to me with that voice. Sing your beauty to me..."

She did--- and as she did, Sigismund joined in--- his forlorn howl piercing the water, sending ripples into the beyond. In that moment, the unnatural cry of a beast, and the lovely song of the most dangerous sorts of sensuality, mixed together and charged through the water--- through the very being of Sigismund. His lonely cry, greeted by the beckoning call of inescapable togetherness--- he closed his eyes and for the first time since he had embraced such intense discipline and self-control--- allowed himself to be lost to the aesthetic beauty of companionship shared with another living being.

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