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Cora Corrington
The Realm of the Beasts
Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:45

Cora flitted through the currents around him as he changed form, circling around his changing body but always staying closer. Her hair floated like tendrils in the water as he settled in the form of the wolf. Although this was not the beast’s natural habitat she could see that he was bearing his soul to her. The tips of her tail fins batted against him gently in the current as she placed her arms around his neck and peered over his shoulder, her body curled around his. She kissed his fore head lightly as she swam over his shoulder to face him again, curled in the cradle of his arm.

She gazed at him intently with her bright blue eyes, her arms around his neck. The growl that escaped his lips sent a tingle down her spine but not out of fear. There was power behind his voice, even in the murky depths of the lake where she was most comfortable. Floating in the water just aided her feeling of weightlessness for both of them, leaving their human forms behind and embracing the magical creatures that represented their souls. It was a revelation that would destroy most friendships but this one could only grow in strength, this she knew.

“You are everything you are,” she said with a knowing smile, revealing the tips of sharp, pointed teeth. “I am as much the student as I am the Siren, just as you are as much the man as the beast. Between us there is no need for definition, we are what we are.” His paw reached out to hold her and she intertwined his claws with her fingers, the joining of the Siren and the Werewolf a first in the world no doubt. Where else in the world could two such unique beings be able to hold each other in this way but here where the magic flowed the strongest.
Now he knew her true nature she hoped he would understand that it might not be his own feelings that drew him to her but the influence she exerted on all men, even without knowingly doing so. Still there was a part of her that was not the dangerous and dark creature of treachery that would have reached out to him whether the wolf was present or not and she could only hope he felt the same. Her voice lifted once more and he joined in, their voices mingling like two raindrops on a windowpane.

She wondered how many men had died for this song, how many had been lured to the depths in complete assurance of their safety in the arms of the beautiful creatures that song, only to be drowned when they lifted their protection of the fragile mortals they coveted. Her mother had loved one man and had still been unable to silence her nature and keep him from harm. Cora feared that one day this would happen to her too but with Sigismund she couldn’t begin to contemplate leaving him to his doom. This knowledge soothed a silent fear that had long gone unspoken for her.

She felt his release as acutely as she did her own. Knowing that she could be with him in the water, sing what her soul desired and not be fearful of her own power was a whole new experience. She clung to him in the depths as the song ended and she lifted them effortlessly to the surface. She stretched out on the earthy bank of the lake for a moment before she allowed herself to return to her human form and left the Siren in the water where she belonged.

She got to her feet and pulled him with her, the gold bathing suit clinging to her body like it was made of the water element she was so in tune with. Her breath was shallow as she adjusted from breathing air instead of water. There was a new intangible but never the less unbreakable bond between them that she could vaguely see twisting around them. She took his hand once again and led him towards the forest. “I have shown you my realm, it is time you showed me yours,” she trailed a gentle finger across his face encouragingly.

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