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Their Royal Highnesses - The Bastrova Family
Mon Dec 28, 2009 19:14

Abbigale drew backwards as the strange, small girl came running towards them and pulled her eldest child back with her, away from the unfolding scene. Anastasia was not so lucky and was directly in the line of fire, being smacked around the face by the girl’s suitcase. Alexandria was able to escape with nothing more than a little hurt, though it was not the girl’s weight on her foot that had caused it. This girl, this dressed up doll was holding Kaspar’s hand. Her Kaspar’s hand. She had to stop herself from slapping the girl hard around the face, especially in front of her mother who was staring at Kaspar in a most peculiar way. Those eyes were too familiar to her and she turned away from them in disgust, leaving her daughters to handle the ridiculous little tramp.

Before Lexie could move forward however, Anastasia had taken control of the situation. She faced the girl with a cold glare, her wand outstretched not at all minding that she was surrounded by both parents and students. “You ought to watch your step you filthy little mudblood,” she breathed quietly so that only she could hear, “Do you have any idea who we are?”

  • moving up in the worldJael Grace, Sat Dec 26 22:52
    Watching Devon, Jael's heart sank. She wasn't often in tune with the meanings of everything around her, but this one was pretty clear. Daddy's flirting with the lady was getting farther and farther... more
    • Status — Their Royal Highnesses - The Bastrova Family, Mon Dec 28 19:14
      • MwahAgatha Swales, Tue Dec 29 21:36
        "Dahling Abbigale how divine," Agatha Swales purred and airkissed her friend. Immaculately dressed she betrayed nothing of the recent upheavals and huge shifts that had occurred recently in her own... more
      • The situationKaspar, Tue Dec 29 12:48
        Kaspar sighed as Jael dragged him towards the Bastrova’s. Kevin wouldn’t want him near them so he had tired to keep his distance. But the girl had hit one of them with the suitcase. Oh dear lord what ... more
        • . . . is going well?Jael, Wed Dec 30 12:41
          One of Jael's oldest habits when she wasn't quite paying attention to her surroundings was to merely repeat the tail ends of things other people said. She used to do it all of the time; lately she... more
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