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Myrrh B;ackwell & Prophecy
The Darkness Rising
Mon Dec 28, 2009 21:10

Jane Hardy looked around the hall and found herself staring at the Headmistress. Perhaps it was the closeness of so much Danuliete blood but it had awakened the darkness in her mind. Lurking in the successes like a memory she had smelled the scent of her own kind and longed to feel it, to touch it, to be in command of her own body once again. Jane suddenly found herself sitting in a corner of the Dining Hall, staring blankly as the people milled back and forth, taking absolutely no notice of the crazy lady.

Myrrh had been passing at the moment Mrs Hardy had sat down. The only physical sign that something had happened was a faint twitch as the consciousness of evil entered her body and began taking over. Prophecy stretched the arms that didn't belong to her in front of her face. She held up the hands and flexed her fingers, feeling the joy of being in control of a body once again. Her breath quickened and she turned towards a face she knew so well.

The General was standing with that whore of a wife and that child...the child that her General had promised would be hers soon enough. Time was growing short for her lease on this body and she had to act fast. She began slowly, unused to walking on this stranger's legs, the limbs so much more gangly than what she remembered her own to be. This woman walked with a bony pride, much like her mother. Her eyes were drawn to the Danuliete blood that stood to one side of the room and her senses called out to them. Stripped of her powers she may be, but the Danuliete connection was in the blood not the mind and nothing could erase its potency.

Unable to waste her precious time she swiftly moved towards her General and the...other strange people that were in the hall. How unusual this place was. She didn't want to even begin to fathom what was happening here. She reached her destination but there was an odd woman in the way. "Step aside," she demanded of the woman and swept past her. The man behind the desk looked relieved. "Mr and Mrs Mesko?" she asked coyly, the darkness in her eyes giving away the truth underneath the skin. This was not Myrrh Blackwell - this was Prophecy. "If you'd follow me. I have something to discuss with you," her hand trailed across the General's back as she lead him away, enjoying being tangible once again. The woman who's body she controlled was not attractive, no where near as powerful as she, but she felt a wand at her hilt once again and that was more than enough to kill.

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    • The Darkness Rising — Myrrh B;ackwell & Prophecy, Mon Dec 28 21:10
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