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His mistress
Mon Dec 28, 2009 22:55

Vladimir’s head snapped up when he heard the demand to step aside. He had heard that tone of voice before and he met the Headmistresses eyes and knew it was no one else but his mistress. “Come along dear.” Vladimir said to Trina who of course followed. When the woman who was his mistress touched him he smiled and followed her towards the entrance of the room.

  • The Darkness RisingMyrrh B;ackwell & Prophecy, Mon Dec 28 21:10
    Jane Hardy looked around the hall and found herself staring at the Headmistress. Perhaps it was the closeness of so much Danuliete blood but it had awakened the darkness in her mind. Lurking in the... more
    • His mistress — Vladimir , Mon Dec 28 22:55
      • The Cold Favour of DeathHer, Tue Jan 5 22:17
        Vladimir's tone was barely hiding his detection of her true identity. How could he not recognise the woman he truly loved, truly adored, truly worshipped? The silly, simpering woman that had stood by ... more
        • Hiding the bodyValdimir, Tue Jan 5 22:57
          Vladimir watched his wife fall dead. He nodded when She gave him the order to dispose of the body. People would notice that a socialite such as Trina Mesko disappeared. He sighed and picked up the... more
    • Those eyesCrystal Lake de Black, Mon Dec 28 21:28
      Bertram and Crystal, with her arm around Talora, were just making their way to the Weir common room to inspect her living arrangements and to add a few little packages and treats which they had... more
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