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The situation
Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:48

Kaspar sighed as Jael dragged him towards the Bastrova’s. Kevin wouldn’t want him near them so he had tired to keep his distance. But the girl had hit one of them with the suitcase. Oh dear lord what was she doing to him? He saw Lexie’s stare so he dropped the girls hand and then stepped in front of Jael. No one deserved to be spoken to like by Anastasia.

He forced a smile at the Royals. “We are sorry, but I do not think you should be greeting a new student this way, Princess. I’m sure the Headmistress would hate to hear it.” He said and then began to pull Jael away praying behind all hope no one else said anything to them.

  • StatusTheir Royal Highnesses - The Bastrova Family, Mon Dec 28 19:14
    Abbigale drew backwards as the strange, small girl came running towards them and pulled her eldest child back with her, away from the unfolding scene. Anastasia was not so lucky and was directly in... more
    • MwahAgatha Swales, Tue Dec 29 21:36
      "Dahling Abbigale how divine," Agatha Swales purred and airkissed her friend. Immaculately dressed she betrayed nothing of the recent upheavals and huge shifts that had occurred recently in her own... more
    • The situation — Kaspar, Tue Dec 29 12:48
      • . . . is going well?Jael, Wed Dec 30 12:41
        One of Jael's oldest habits when she wasn't quite paying attention to her surroundings was to merely repeat the tail ends of things other people said. She used to do it all of the time; lately she... more
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