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. . . is going well?
Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:41

One of Jael's oldest habits when she wasn't quite paying attention to her surroundings was to merely repeat the tail ends of things other people said. She used to do it all of the time; lately she had done more of her own speaking, either in her own blunt one-word answers or in imitation of her dad's eloquent verses, but the repetition still came up once in a while.

Like now. She had been so driven on making her way directly across the room - and for whatever reason couldn't bear the thought of diverting from a perfectly straight path - that when she found herself crashing, rebounded, at wandpoint and then shielded, she immediately opened her mouth and said everything that she had just heard.

"You filthy little mudblood," she parroted, in an excellent replication of the blonde's tone. "Princess," she added, losing the rest of Kaspar's speech as she zoned back out.

She was remembering why they had crashed - she had to get to Devon. It was a terrible situation, and she felt she would explode in tears if she didn't make it there in the straight little line she had planned out. Kaspar started pulling her backwards and she grabbed his hand again, but let go as soon as she saw that he meant to pull her around the people, and not through them. Then she grabbed his hand again, torn. There was no equivalence to that way right through those people. She gazed at them longingly, practically seeing through them, stretched out as long as she could go on Kaspar's hand. She had to go this way. The other ways wouldn't do.

But the group of people was still blocking her only straight course. Finally, stiff as a board, Jael just planted her feet and leaned towards the family, her straight arm holding Kaspar keeping her from falling. And looking up at him pleadingly, she gave a little point to the direction they had to go.

  • The situationKaspar, Tue Dec 29 12:48
    Kaspar sighed as Jael dragged him towards the Bastrova’s. Kevin wouldn’t want him near them so he had tired to keep his distance. But the girl had hit one of them with the suitcase. Oh dear lord what ... more
    • . . . is going well? — Jael, Wed Dec 30 12:41
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