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Layla & Jude Embers
A bit nervous on our first day
Mon Jan 4, 2010 15:02

Jude and Layla entered the school a bit nervously. They weren’t sure about attending a school, they had spent their lives in a caravan of gypsies but thanks to Grandmother Embers they were being forced into school. Jude signed and shook his head, they had been sorted into separate houses. What would he do without her? In their fourteen years of live Jude had never been without his sister at night. Espically in the last two years, trying to control the urges.

Layla looked over at her brother and patted his shoulder knowing what he was feeling. “It’s okay brother, I promise.” She said a bit nervously. The Headmistress had told them to join the students at dinner but neither wanted to eat at the moment. Finally they sat and Layla laid her head on Jude’s shoulder. They were holding hands and they knew to most students they would look odd but most didn’t understand the bond of twins. Layla finally raised her head and smiled at a student across from her.

“Hello, I’m Layla Embers, this is my twin Jude.” She said with a smile, she knew that their last name Embers, was well known in some circles but their father’s name was a bit tarnished. Maxwell had left a pureblood at the alter to marry their gypsy mother. She flung her blonde hair our of her face and smiled.

    • GreetingsTalora de Black, Mon Jan 4 16:41
      "Hello lovely to meet you," Talora answered with a warm smile,looking up from her coffee cup. "Sorry I don't think I've seen you guys around. Are you new? I'm Talora by the way, Talora de Black,... more
      • Hello!Layla & Jude, Mon Jan 4 17:22
        The girl smiled warmly after greeting Layla she took over with a smile. “No we are new here to the school.” Layla answered with a smile. “We are fourth years, and I’m in Reym.” She smiled and then... more
        • AdviceTalora, Tue Jan 5 08:11
          They'd never been to a proper school? That was quite strange but Tal guessed they had just been home schooled. It wasn't that rare, but she was glad her parents hadn't wanted it. She loved her school ... more
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