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Talora de Black
Mon Jan 4, 2010 16:41

"Hello lovely to meet you," Talora answered with a warm smile,looking up from her coffee cup. "Sorry I don't think I've seen you guys around. Are you new? I'm Talora by the way, Talora de Black, third year Weir."

She noted the name. Embers. Yes, it was familiar to her, as most of the pure blood old line names were. Things that wizarding children were brought up with, handed down in fables, songs and rhymes.

She pushed a strand of her long dark hair out of her eyes and asked, "So which house are you guys in? Being twins I guess it's the same one right. If you're in Weir I can help to show you around..." she hesitated and blushed slightly, it wasn't really like Talora to be so forthright with strangers, she'd turn into her room mate Zydrie if she wasn't careful, boucning around chatting to everyone (all at once). "If you like," she added.

  • A bit nervous on our first dayLayla & Jude Embers, Mon Jan 4 15:02
    Jude and Layla entered the school a bit nervously. They weren’t sure about attending a school, they had spent their lives in a caravan of gypsies but thanks to Grandmother Embers they were being... more
    • Greetings — Talora de Black, Mon Jan 4 16:41
      • Hello!Layla & Jude, Mon Jan 4 17:22
        The girl smiled warmly after greeting Layla she took over with a smile. “No we are new here to the school.” Layla answered with a smile. “We are fourth years, and I’m in Reym.” She smiled and then... more
        • AdviceTalora, Tue Jan 5 08:11
          They'd never been to a proper school? That was quite strange but Tal guessed they had just been home schooled. It wasn't that rare, but she was glad her parents hadn't wanted it. She loved her school ... more
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