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Layla & Jude
Mon Jan 4, 2010 17:22

The girl smiled warmly after greeting Layla she took over with a smile. No we are new here to the school. Layla answered with a smile. We are fourth years, and Im in Reym. She smiled and then prodded Jude.

He smiled at the other girl and nodded. I was sorted into Balgren. He said and brushed his blonde bangs out of his face. He wasnt the talkitve one, he was the strong silent type, why Layla made him speak was beyond him.

Layla smiled and laughed. I wish being twins would put us in the same house, sadly we arent much alike at all. She looked about and then said to Talora. So any advice about this school? Weve never been to a proper school. She shrugged and didnt care if the girl thought less of them for it. They were just as good of a witch and wizard then any others.

  • GreetingsTalora de Black, Mon Jan 4 16:41
    "Hello lovely to meet you," Talora answered with a warm smile,looking up from her coffee cup. "Sorry I don't think I've seen you guys around. Are you new? I'm Talora by the way, Talora de Black,... more
    • Hello! — Layla & Jude, Mon Jan 4 17:22
      • AdviceTalora, Tue Jan 5 08:11
        They'd never been to a proper school? That was quite strange but Tal guessed they had just been home schooled. It wasn't that rare, but she was glad her parents hadn't wanted it. She loved her school ... more
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