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Tue Jan 5, 2010 08:11

They'd never been to a proper school? That was quite strange but Tal guessed they had just been home schooled. It wasn't that rare, but she was glad her parents hadn't wanted it. She loved her school and her friends.

"Advice?" Talora said. "Sure, gosh where to start really. Let's see the want to keep in the right side of Blackwell, she can be really strict, Fliddy," she grinned, "Sorry that's Prof Rose he's a total pushover, anything you want ask Fliddy, he's bound to say yes. Ethaire, she's Potions, quite dopey, bit all of the place really, if you're late she won't notice. Not," she blushed slightly again, "That I am late."

Quite the opposite in fact, Talora had been known to be shockingly early for most lessons and her homework was always in on time.

"And the students well Weir is the best obviously. Smartest generally all round coolest," she grinned. "You'll fall in love with Aaron Willoughby Layla, trust me they all do. See the guy at Balgren...yeah that's the one surrounded by all the girls, look he's blonde. Hanging back off his chair and grinning, he loves all that attention huh," she paused and shook her head. Willoughby was super hot, she knew that, but she wasn't a fan of the idolatry.

"My friends well they might be a bit young for you guys if you're fourths, but ohhhhh.." an idea struck her. "Evie! Why didn't I think of her before. You absolutely have to talk to Evangaline Spiaz. She's a fourth year Reym too, she's lovely just...don't get her started on numbers that's all."

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    The girl smiled warmly after greeting Layla she took over with a smile. No we are new here to the school. Layla answered with a smile. We are fourth years, and Im in Reym. She smiled and then... more
    • Advice — Talora, Tue Jan 5 08:11
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