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An entourage
Thu Jan 7, 2010 00:49

Grace shrugged on her wrap again. It had this annoying habit of slipping off and while several other girls insisted it was supposed to drape cross her arms, she couldn't help but be annoyed. She only kept it, because on the rare occasions it stayed on her shoulders, it was comfortably warm. Which was more than she could say for the flats she'd gotten her feet into.

She walked into the Ball iwth her brothers, Leo, Troy and...that one gal with the boy's name. She was actually kinda glad for the mask, kept on her by a headband. Deep red, it swept up at the edges in a horns, the eyes lined in black with little black beads dangling from the bottom edges under the eye holes. It was a bit elegant, she thought, and drew attention away from the fact that her dress, with its weirdly thin straps and A-lined long skirt (whatever that meant) and simply cut bodice with the little beaded embellishments, put her in an entirely different class of people from Troy's date.

She had felt fine coming in. Where everyone else had gone with someone or other, she entered with four guys, like an entourage. Or bodyguards. But now she was here, surronded by all this stuff, all these people's, she got the wierd feeling that she wasn't supposed to be here. She thought of how much quieter things had been across the lake and shivered a little.

And then Ri, showed up and thumped her brother across the back and she smiled as the world righted itself and Leo turned to tell his sister off for nearly knocking him into another table.

  • Cinderella SyndromeOrion Hardy, Thu Jan 7 00:07
    Orion peered about as she made a not so dignified entrance to the Dining Hall. Her dress was bugging her already and her mask was hanging by the elastic from her wrist. It wasn't like anyone was... more
    • An entourage — Grace, Thu Jan 7 00:49
      • WomenLeo Hardy, Thu Jan 7 01:12
        He frowned as his sister bashed into him accidentially on purpose and turned around to give her the row of a lifetime. She still hadn't quite forgiven him for the thing with Quidditch and since... more
        • Ignoring the obviousGrace, Thu Jan 7 01:33
          She smiled at his comment. It wasn't that she hadn't noticed the way Leo had commented her, like it was some requirement he had to get out of the way. She had noticed it all right, but she didn't... more
          • Pausing on the stairwayTalora de Black, Fri Jan 8 17:08
            Talora paused on the stairway. Not to make some grand B-girl sweeping entrance, but merely because she felt extremely nervous. Ranger pulled on her arm, and Talora smiled vaguely and gestured that... more
            • Lady's choiceRanger, Sat Jan 9 00:16
              Ranger had to go and buy another suit just for the occasion. He'd gone and outgrown the last one he owned. Even if he hadn't, there were too many shiny and threadbare spots in the joints of it. It... more
              • Pretty in PunchLeo, Sat Jan 9 15:48
                Leo's eyes were dragged away from the double dose of annoying his sister and Grace were giving him by a jaw-droppingly gorgeous looking Talora. His heart did that twisting thing it had done when... more
                • The new TaloraRandy, Sat Jan 9 20:44
                  Randy gave his sister a stern look before Leo nudged him. He followed his friend's gaze to Talora de Black and Ranger Pitt. He raised an eyebrow. "Not too bad." he said in non-committed fashion. "... more
                  • KiddingGrace, Sat Jan 9 20:53
                    Grace frowned at Leo's lack of reaction, then followed his look to the entrance of the Hall. She took a determined sip of her punch. That girl again. First she was trying to take Troy, now she was... more
                    • Blabber MouthLeo & Orion, Sat Jan 9 22:05
                      Leo just couldn't drag his eyes away, his mouth hung open completely against his will and the chitter chatter of his friends was just a fuzzy jumble of static noise. It was like there was no one else ... more
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