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Cora Corrington
Parting Words
Thu Jan 7, 2010 18:29

Cora had contemplated going to the ball for many hours but she couldn't quite bring herself to commit to it. She had dressed for it, though she was no where near as elegant as everyone else. Her outfit was simple, a maxi dress made of a shimmering material in the colours of spring. Waves of pale green moved seamlessly in time with her hips as she paced her room. There was something not right and she couldn't put her finger on it. It prickled the back of her mind and refused to give her peace until she had no other option but to follow it.

Picking up her skirt she ran, through the corridors and out into the snow, her brown moccasin boots padding softly on the freshly sprung spring grass. She didn't know how she knew, but her feet led her in a very certain direction, away from the Manor and away from the ball. She ran and ran, just like she and Sigismund had ran together in the woods. Then she realised how she was so sure of her path and the shadowy figure of her friend shimmered in the mist of the night in front of her.

"Weren't you even going to say goodbye?" she asked him softly, praying that she could control herself and her instincts not to keep him here. If his instincts told him to go then she would do her best not to stand in his way, but that did not lessen the hurt.

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