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Re: Love to
Fri Jan 8, 2010 19:10

so I took her hand and we went out on the dance floor.

"I'm Jordan Hamilton. I'm a first year year in Weir House."

It was weird and kinda awkward because I'm not used to dancing to this sort of stuff. It's okay though becuase I don't think she was either. So even the we weren't dancing like the other people it was fun and we were able to keep talking.

"You transferred here? That sounds neat. Did you come from another school? Only I didn't know there were other magic schools nearby. Do they have clown classes there? Or acrobatics? Cause I've been asking and all I get are these weird looks. I know we're supposed to be a magic school and all but you would think they would have other classes too. You know, in case you want to become a manager one day."

  • Love toLayla Embers, Fri Jan 8 18:52
    Layla smiled at the younger boy, he seemed nice and she liked to dance but if Jude saw he wouldn’t be happy, she was to marry within the caravan, but it was only one dance. She nodded. “I’d love to... more
    • Re: Love to — Jordan, Fri Jan 8 19:10
      • My type of schoolLayla, Sat Jan 9 01:35
        Layla smiled when he introduced himself, she didn’t care that he was only a first year. He was nice and just about the only person who had talked her besides her brother. When he went into his ramble ... more
        • Private dancerJordan, Sat Jan 9 13:04
          I smiled and I seriously doubt that mask hid it. "You were homeschooled too?! So was I! That is this is the first time I been to an actual school like school. Seems to be the thing for people like us ... more
          • HomeschooledLayla, Tue Jan 19 13:01
            Layla laughed as Jordan seemed to get so excited for her to be homeschooled. “I love to dance.” She said with a smile. “It’s not a private dance; this music just isn’t the type to do the sword dance. ... more
            • Re: HomeschooledJordan, Fri Jan 22 17:11
              I was going around picking up bits of food here and there because I hadn't since dinner which was hours ago. I used two plates holding them on my arm so my hands were free just so she didn't have to... more
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