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Lady's choice
Sat Jan 9, 2010 00:16

Ranger had to go and buy another suit just for the occasion. He'd gone and outgrown the last one he owned. Even if he hadn't, there were too many shiny and threadbare spots in the joints of it. It hadn't been easy, not knowing wht his date was going to be wearing. So he stuck with dark and simple. Same thing with the mask. Dances for girls were all about them being noticed, not the guys.

He caught sight of Talora coming down the stairs and congratulated himself. The brainy girl cleaned up rather well. He offered her his hand with a grin.

"Glad you could make it." he said " You look beautiful. " he guided her down rest of the stairs and into the Hall " We have dancing, food, drinks and mingling. What do you want to do first?"

  • Pausing on the stairwayTalora de Black, Fri Jan 8 17:08
    Talora paused on the stairway. Not to make some grand B-girl sweeping entrance, but merely because she felt extremely nervous. Ranger pulled on her arm, and Talora smiled vaguely and gestured that... more
    • Lady's choice — Ranger, Sat Jan 9 00:16
      • Pretty in PunchLeo, Sat Jan 9 15:48
        Leo's eyes were dragged away from the double dose of annoying his sister and Grace were giving him by a jaw-droppingly gorgeous looking Talora. His heart did that twisting thing it had done when... more
        • The new TaloraRandy, Sat Jan 9 20:44
          Randy gave his sister a stern look before Leo nudged him. He followed his friend's gaze to Talora de Black and Ranger Pitt. He raised an eyebrow. "Not too bad." he said in non-committed fashion. "... more
          • KiddingGrace, Sat Jan 9 20:53
            Grace frowned at Leo's lack of reaction, then followed his look to the entrance of the Hall. She took a determined sip of her punch. That girl again. First she was trying to take Troy, now she was... more
            • Blabber MouthLeo & Orion, Sat Jan 9 22:05
              Leo just couldn't drag his eyes away, his mouth hung open completely against his will and the chitter chatter of his friends was just a fuzzy jumble of static noise. It was like there was no one else ... more
              • A good girlTalora, Sun Jan 10 08:01
                An "oh" broke from Talora's mouth before she could think of a response. She put down the glass of punch and her eyes widened. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest, indeed it jumped around so much she... more
                • Desperate MeasuresLeo and Orion, Mon Jan 11 15:13
                  “So I am totally looking forward to camp...I mean, dude it's going to be more wicked than a Pythons gig on the full moon right?” She giggled at her own tease aimed at herself and quickly checked over ... more
                  • TouchTalora, Thu Jan 14 19:11
                    Talora looked. Oddly Ranger was dancing with Orion. Orion, as in Leo's sister. She wondered. Could he have or could she have that is could they have..? For only a moment before Ranger had been... more
                    • The PlayRanger, Thu Jan 14 19:38
                      Now don't get him wrong, Ranger wasn't the sort of guy who just danced with anyone for any reason. But Ri was insistent and he just couldn't bring him to break her heart like that. So they danced,.... more
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