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My type of school
Sat Jan 9, 2010 01:35

Layla smiled when he introduced himself, she didn’t care that he was only a first year. He was nice and just about the only person who had talked her besides her brother. When he went into his ramble about other schools she laughed and shook her head. “No, I was homeschooled. As for clown classes, I’ve never seen those but I know some slight of hand tricks that muggles eat up like candy, and I’ve known how to do sword dance…what most people call belly dance since I was a child.” She said with a smile. She shrugged those were normal things to do in the gypsy world, and she had eaten the dances up, she loved to perform but here at Aelcrest it would seem so artificial as if the dance was just an entertainment for the purebloods of the school.

  • Re: Love toJordan, Fri Jan 8 19:10
    so I took her hand and we went out on the dance floor. "I'm Jordan Hamilton. I'm a first year year in Weir House." It was weird and kinda awkward because I'm not used to dancing to this sort of... more
    • My type of school — Layla, Sat Jan 9 01:35
      • Private dancerJordan, Sat Jan 9 13:04
        I smiled and I seriously doubt that mask hid it. "You were homeschooled too?! So was I! That is this is the first time I been to an actual school like school. Seems to be the thing for people like us ... more
        • HomeschooledLayla, Tue Jan 19 13:01
          Layla laughed as Jordan seemed to get so excited for her to be homeschooled. “I love to dance.” She said with a smile. “It’s not a private dance; this music just isn’t the type to do the sword dance. ... more
          • Re: HomeschooledJordan, Fri Jan 22 17:11
            I was going around picking up bits of food here and there because I hadn't since dinner which was hours ago. I used two plates holding them on my arm so my hands were free just so she didn't have to... more
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