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Private dancer
Sat Jan 9, 2010 13:04

I smiled and I seriously doubt that mask hid it.

"You were homeschooled too?! So was I! That is this is the first time I been to an actual school like school. Seems to be the thing for people like us don't it? But you know how to dance like that? That's cool. Sora says she used to o stuff like that when she was younger. Then she got engaged to Other Carlos and she said it became a private dance. You should do that sometime though, you're dancing not the engaed part. Unless it's private now too. "

The dance had ended by that time and everyone was wandering back and getting drinks and stuff. I wasn't sure what to o next but she didn't seem ti want to run away so I asked her.

"There's food and drink over there? You want to go get something?"

  • My type of schoolLayla, Sat Jan 9 01:35
    Layla smiled when he introduced himself, she didnít care that he was only a first year. He was nice and just about the only person who had talked her besides her brother. When he went into his ramble ... more
    • Private dancer — Jordan, Sat Jan 9 13:04
      • HomeschooledLayla, Tue Jan 19 13:01
        Layla laughed as Jordan seemed to get so excited for her to be homeschooled. ďI love to dance.Ē She said with a smile. ďItís not a private dance; this music just isnít the type to do the sword dance. ... more
        • Re: HomeschooledJordan, Fri Jan 22 17:11
          I was going around picking up bits of food here and there because I hadn't since dinner which was hours ago. I used two plates holding them on my arm so my hands were free just so she didn't have to... more
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