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Planning his next move
Sat Jan 9, 2010 23:18

She was a good dancer, Sophie. Though of course Mattia expected that. She'd been under the tutelage of the B girls and they would have made sure she knew the proper movements. That in addition to looking good on his arm. Mattia smiled. It was going to be a good night, he could feel it. Later, on he dcided, they wold go out, take a walk among the Courtyen plants. They could talk. Maybe a little more. He might have to add one more notch if thngs kept up.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?" he said " Becuase you really do. mean if I had known you could look like this I would have taken you to far fancier restaurants than the Pit has to offer."

  • VisionSophie Coulten, Thu Jan 7 00:38
    Sophie caught Ted's eyes for just a moment as he greeted Leone and her heart did one of those little somersaults that were completely unexpected. Then her gaze was broken by her boyfriend looking... more
    • Planning his next move — Mattia, Sat Jan 9 23:18
      • RefreshmentSophie Coulten, Sun Jan 10 22:47
        Sophie turned to her boyfriend and gave him a playful glare, hitting him lightly with her fan. "I shall take that as a compliment Mr Desai, as I hope you intended it," she could not hide the giggle... more
        • PleasantriesMattia, Mon Jan 11 20:05
          "of course my dear" he answered and kissed her cheek before leaving her. He stared thoughtfully at the punch as he filled her glass but decided against it. It was too verblown. Inelegant. That and... more
          • What the Future may HoldSophie, Tue Jan 12 15:00
            As Mattia talked Sophie listened to him, probably for the first time in their relationship. Usually she would glaze over whatever he was saying, only really paying attention to the highlights of his... more
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