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The fun of the fuss
Sat Jan 9, 2010 23:59

They walked into the Hall and gave everyone a good look as they did. Everyone else had come here ready to pause to be oooh'd and ahhh'd over. Ted and Leone had come for a party and their joint enthusaism shone through all the stuffyness of the overflowy skirts and overly starched shirts and drew peoples' gaze towards them. When they danced together it was with and extra jump in their step. He even dipped her at one point, in an overly blown gesture that made her laugh. When they joined the refreshment tables it was to laugh over the food and drinks like they juveniles in an art museum giggling over all the naked people. For a time they even forgot about Kai whosits and Sophie whatsherface.

Eventually he escorted her to a table that had been abandoned and sat down with her. "This is fun" he said. " I'm glad you made me ask you."

  • Friend DateLeone Bates, Thu Jan 7 00:23
    Leone had been trying her best all day not to feel too incredibly miserable, hadn't worked too well. Facts were facts and Kai was at the ball with someone else and that someone was probably far... more
    • The fun of the fuss — Ted, Sat Jan 9 23:59
      • Having a BlastLeone, Sun Jan 10 22:53
        Leone was having one hell of a good time. She hardly though about Kai at all, even when Sasha came in surprisingly on Aaron Willoughby's arm. Queen B would not like that, whoever she turned out to be ... more
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