A good girl
Sun Jan 10, 2010 08:01

An "oh" broke from Talora's mouth before she could think of a response. She put down the glass of punch and her eyes widened. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest, indeed it jumped around so much she was surprised people didn't notice and point.

Leo Hardy wanted to dance with her. Had actually asked her to dance with him. She smiled and looked at him. Oh but he was really a very beautiful boy. And yet...and yet...she bit her lip in anguish and indecision. Really she shouldn't...couldn't...it wouldn't be...right. She twisted one of the loose tendrils of her hair without thinking what she was doing.

"Yes that would be...that is no...that is I.. I can't really Leo...that is," she saw his face. "Not not right now," she stumbled on, "Maybe later, you see Ranger," she glanced over at him, but his back was turned and he was gesturing animatedly to Orion Hardy.

"Ranger," she continued bravely, "Asked me first and I, you see I am his date," she finished rather miserably. She was aware that Ranger was a really popular guy and that many of the more popular girls had been rather surprised at his choice of quiet and studious Talora de Black. She knew she was meant to be grateful, that she was being given some sort of access to the popular crowd circle - even Cindy Hutton had been pleasant to her the other day, and Cindy Hutton was hardly ever pleasant to anyone. Talora had not been aware that Cindy even knew her name before.

The problem was she wasn't grateful. The problem was she wished above all things that she was Leo's date instead.

Oh why hadn't he asked her?

  • Blabber MouthLeo & Orion, Sat Jan 9 22:05
    Leo just couldn't drag his eyes away, his mouth hung open completely against his will and the chitter chatter of his friends was just a fuzzy jumble of static noise. It was like there was no one else ... more
    • A good girl — Talora, Sun Jan 10 08:01
      • Desperate MeasuresLeo and Orion, Mon Jan 11 15:13
        “So I am totally looking forward to camp...I mean, dude it's going to be more wicked than a Pythons gig on the full moon right?” She giggled at her own tease aimed at herself and quickly checked over ... more
        • TouchTalora, Thu Jan 14 19:11
          Talora looked. Oddly Ranger was dancing with Orion. Orion, as in Leo's sister. She wondered. Could he have or could she have that is could they have..? For only a moment before Ranger had been... more
          • The PlayRanger, Thu Jan 14 19:38
            Now don't get him wrong, Ranger wasn't the sort of guy who just danced with anyone for any reason. But Ri was insistent and he just couldn't bring him to break her heart like that. So they danced,.... more
            • Out of ReachLeo, Wed Jan 20 06:27
              It had all been going so well. He had her hand in his, he was snmiling, she was smiling, Ri had Ranger distracted it was almost perfect. Actually, he looked long and hard at his little sister while... more
              • ConfusionRanger, Fri Jan 22 10:25
                He'd had her in his arms which wasn't easy. Talora de Black was cute, but she was small and felt almost fragile. Didn't help any that she wa shaking a little with the nerves. But he did his best to... more
                • Pass the parcelTalora, Fri Jan 22 17:27
                  Talora had been nervous enough about her first ball, but this evening was turning our much much stranger than she could ever have imagined. She had just taken her first timorous steps onto the dance... more
                  • No FightingLeo, Sat Jan 23 17:17
                    Leo didn't really have the soul of a fighter, not like his sister and all the other members of the Thestrals. The move with the spell had been a bit brash even for him and he didn't for a moment... more
                    • So?Grace, Sat Jan 23 18:40
                      He had winked at her and she had pressed her tongue against her teeth to keep from grinning ear to ear. Even then she felt like grinning the entire time. She watched as he went on pretending with... more
                    • WinnerRanger, Sat Jan 23 17:51
                      Ranger watched as Hardy boy walked off, making sure he got out of shooting range and stayed there. To think the little brainiac would just try to muscle in on his date. He turned back to Talora,... more
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