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Aaron Willoughby
Cold and hard
Sun Jan 10, 2010 08:19

"Lovely Sash," Aaron said and taking her hand kissed it whilst looking deeply into her eyes. He felt sure that would be enough to make her swoon, indeed it seemed to be having the desired effect.

The last couple of months Aaron had been numb. Since the horrors of his birthday had unfolded beneath around and on top of him, it seemed as if he had lost all sensation to feel in a normal manner.

He steeled himself to hardness, to not thinking about who or what he was and what it all meant. So Lord Willoughby had been lording it up indeed. The more he thought about not really being who they thought he was, the more arrogantly he behaved. Particularly to the girls. If he had been a little careless before, now he was thoroughly cruel.

He had rapidly added Victoria Parker, Caitlin Summers and Imogen Evans to his list of conquests. So what if he didn't like them? So what if he used them and left them, in Imogen's case very peremptorily after just one night? They should be grateful. They had experienced the Willoughby charm all to themselves hadn't they? Well and what more did they want. Victoria it was true was a different case altogether, Victoria was indeed an extremely difficult girl and he was just as glad to be rid of her as he was of Calliope. Yet he could hardly say he had used her. It would be more accurate to say that they had used each other.

So Sasha. She wasn't beautiful perhaps, she lacked the height and the elegance for it. But she was an extremely pretty girl. Very cute, very sweet. He liked her softness and her warmth. Perhaps she was next in line? He had that bet with Matto sewn up for sure, and he looked forward to cashing in.

They looked well together. He took her arm in his and they walked into the Hall. Aaron was aware of the admiring glances and grinned at a few of the more attractive ones.

  • Golden girlSasha Groves, Sat Jan 9 21:56
    Sasha was radiant. She knew that this was her moment. She knew that tonight, if at no other point, she would, she must be the envy of every girl in the school. She had a date with Aaron Willoughby.... more
    • Cold and hard — Aaron Willoughby, Sun Jan 10 08:19
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