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Having a Blast
Sun Jan 10, 2010 22:53

Leone was having one hell of a good time. She hardly though about Kai at all, even when Sasha came in surprisingly on Aaron Willoughby's arm. Queen B would not like that, whoever she turned out to be this week. Everyone was getting really uptight about their dresses and their shoes and Leone spotted more than one girl running from the hall in tears over some boy or other. She was glad she wasn't like that. She and Ted were just there to have fun and that was good enough for her.

"You're telling me, sport," she grinned at him, waving at Ruby and her boyfriend who were across the hall. "We've got to be grateful we're not caught up in this love nonsense hm?" It was half-heartedly meant comment because she knew fine well that both of them would rather be with someone else. Unfortunately, things tended to get in the way of what they wanted and they had to make do with each other for the time being. Not that, she reflected, that was so very bad after all.

  • The fun of the fussTed, Sat Jan 9 23:59
    They walked into the Hall and gave everyone a good look as they did. Everyone else had come here ready to pause to be oooh'd and ahhh'd over. Ted and Leone had come for a party and their joint... more
    • Having a Blast — Leone, Sun Jan 10 22:53
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