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Sigismund Steinsson
The Parting (Part II)
Mon Jan 11, 2010 13:39

It was here that the universe halted Sigismund's flight. Amidst all the certainty of his direction, and the undying urge of the beast to flee this realm of petty socialization--- there was one thing that bound Sigismund to reality--- and she had just chased him through the freezing snow in a gown to keep him here. He turned to her, his body more naturally transformed than ever before--- and he tried to find words to express what he had to do. He tried to explain to Cora why he had abandoned the school, and his friends--- for the sake of something that was nothing more than a primal drive.

"Cora, I have to do something. I have to go. I'm not learning anything here--- I'm not a wizard. I'm something else... you've seen what I truly am--- in form--- and that is also what I truly am in heart. I am never going to excel at magic--- at least not this sort..." At this, Sigismund reached into his cloak and drew one of the many stones he often used for meditation. He clutched it in his hand tightly, closing his eyes--- and called upon the most basic of magics. As his eyes opened, he handed the stone to Cora--- upon it a new symbol danced, that of a sea creature and a forest dweller--- the wolf and the siren danced upon the smooth granite surface.

"This will allow us to speak Cora. If you place the stone in your hand, you will feel close to me--- and you will be able to talk to me, not with words, but with the most simple of feelings. You will know me, and I will know you--- there in the moment." Sigismund found himself overwhelmed with the emotions of the separation--- he regretted almost, having found this deep connection with a fellow being. He was not wired to be a friend, but to be a loner--- a cursed and forgotten member of the outskirts of the dark.

"Cora Corrington--- I am sorry for any undue distress I may have caused you--- but you know perhaps better than anyone--- that there are some things in this world that simply must be done. I need to learn about myself, to grow, and to become something that can actually affect this world--- to become myself. I am not a wand waver, nor do I plan to keep up the illusion of being one--- the course I embark on today, is the only course I can truly call my own."

Sigismund lowered his protruding snout, just barely containing the gnarled fangs of the wolf, and nuzzled the softness of the girl's neck and cheek--- feeling the siren lurking in the depths of her as if she was the very oceans herself. It was the closest thing to a kiss the beast in Sigismund had ever known--- and it was the most docile and emotive of actions he had ever taken. His eyes turned to Cora, begging her to smile--- and then, upon the drawing of a trembling curling flash of teeth--- he slowly turned away, this time looking back--- as he moved forward. The stone he had handed to her, was clutched tightly in her palm, and as Sigismund departed--- he carried her heartbeat inside of him.

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