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What the Future may Hold
Tue Jan 12, 2010 15:00

As Mattia talked Sophie listened to him, probably for the first time in their relationship. Usually she would glaze over whatever he was saying, only really paying attention to the highlights of his speech so that she could give the appropriate response in an 'Oh' or 'Ah' form. Then again usually he was talking about Quidditch. This was something new and different and she found with utter delight that she adored it. Mattia was being responsible, thinking about the future, his future and dare she say it, their future.

His father fascinated her, he was everything that Sophie aspired to be. It was slowly dawning on her just why she was with him. At first he had been something of a rebound from the hurt that the brief but traumatic relationship with Ted had brought. Then he had been a way to secure her new found place among the Bs, after all who could resist the pureblooded Captain of the Eagles? Certainly Victoria had more than once expressed her interest in him. Now however, he was something more. He was everything that she had planned for her future and she realised that she truly did adore him.

She fanned her face, trying to cool herself down. "A walk sounds lovely darling, I could certainly do with some air," she took his hand and allowed him to lead her away from the Ball and towards the Courtyen.

  • PleasantriesMattia, Mon Jan 11 20:05
    "of course my dear" he answered and kissed her cheek before leaving her. He stared thoughtfully at the punch as he filled her glass but decided against it. It was too verblown. Inelegant. That and... more
    • What the Future may Hold — Sophie, Tue Jan 12 15:00
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