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Lightening the Mood
Tue Jan 12, 2010 15:21

Alexandria was doing her best to shine against the variety of other classy women that were attending the ball. She was after all, only a first year and she could not quite compete with the older girls, however sophisticated she was. Van was being awfully distant and however hard she tried to keep his attention, his focus was clearly elsewhere. It was frustrating to say the least when she was so used to him fanning over her.

She took the drink from him with a smile and attempting to draw him into conversation. Usually he would not mind spending hours chattering away about the latest shoes and dresses, why would he now. "Darling! I bought the most wonderful pair of shoes the other day. You simply must take me out so I can show them off. Oh and the most divine cardigan darling, the latest Prada collection. Anastasia is beyond jealous..."

  • Forgetting for a momentVan, Wed Jan 6 02:14
    Van smiled at her when she said she tried to look wonderful. “Well my darling you’re beautiful so it can’t be very hard.” Van forced a smile. His mind kept slipping back to his mother as they made... more
    • Lightening the Mood — Lexie, Tue Jan 12 15:21
      • AnnoyedVan, Tue Jan 12 15:34
        Van watched the girl sip her drink his mother’s tortured face still haunted him. His attention was snapped back when Lexie called him Darling. His mother used to call him that, how unusual it was to... more
        • AffrontedLexie, Tue Jan 12 16:53
          Van's words stung in her ears, worse than if he had just kicked her to the floor. She turned to him with a wide eyed shocked expression, unable to speak for a change. The thing that hurt the most was ... more
          • Outside the ballKaspar O'Conner, Tue Jan 12 17:04
            Kaspar had decided he wasn’t going to the ball, there was no way he’d be able to face watching Van and Alex dance the night happily in the arms of one another. He had spent a bit of time in the woods ... more
            • Re: Outside the ballAnonymous, Tue Jan 12 20:47
              Hot tears were prickling the corners of her eyes as she marched away from the ball in distress. This was not how she was supposed to feel. Tonight was supposed to be about happiness and laughter and... more
              • The kissKaspar, Tue Jan 12 20:59
                Kaspar was surprised when she wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled at him. He could tell she was near tears and he frowned. Why would she look so unhappy? He wrapped his arms around her back... more
                • One Perfect MomentLexie, Tue Jan 12 21:36
                  The instant that his soft lips met hers she felt the worries of the evening melt away. It was a relief to throw off the pretentious façade of her every day life and truly enjoy a perfect moment with... more
                  • Fight or FlightVan Mesko & Kaspar O'Conner, Tue Jan 12 22:07
                    Van had slowly followed Lexie out of the dining hall; in fact he had just made it to the doors when he watched that dirty disgusting mudblood kiss his girlfriend. Anger boiled in him no one touched... more
                    • Siren SignalCora Corrington, Fri Jan 15 21:46
                      Her boots made little footprints as she meandered her way through the grounds. She hadn't meant to wander near to the forest but she had, completely unaware of her surrounds and lost in her thoughts. ... more
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