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Myrrh Blackwell
Re: Presenting the Platonic Professorial Professionalism
Tue Jan 12, 2010 16:28

Myrrh pulled her frame upright in an attempt to make the gown flow satisfactorily across her body. She would never in a million years consider wearing this gaudy monstrosity even if no one else could see her, but perhaps Grahame's rather infectious enthusiasm for eccentricity was rubbing off on her. Her face remained a stony wall of unfaltering responsibility that she was determined would remain there. Grahame had a habit of making her forget, if only for a short time, the real reason she was attending the ball. They were chaperones. Adults who were merely overlooking the mirth of the children as they traversed the tricky road of teenage drama. It was all highly professional, at least that's what she told herself.

They met in the corridor and there was an involuntary smile curling the corner of her thin scarlet lips as he bowed. Though when he rose again to take her hand the professional look had slid back onto her face, however unwillingly. Her grey eyes glanced sternly over the students as they entered the hall together. Although she considered herself far above the intricacies of their intertwined love lives she certainly knew what was going on. Neither Shoney nor Flidias considered the students complex social webs of any interest and though they did indeed frustrate her immensely, she liked to remain in the know. Knowledge was power, after all.

She was shocked by the sudden movements Grahame made and before she had a chance to object she found herself being twirled on the dance floor and encapsulated in the dangerous Professor's arms. Her universe gown was reflecting in his eyes, sending trails of lights dancing across his features. Her red mask was doing its job well of keeping her expression hidden. He was making her forget her duties as both Headmistress and Chaperone and that was simply not acceptable. She stood up, peeling herself away from her colleague's affectionate embrace and moved to the side of the Hall. Observation was the goal of the evening not fraternisation. "Did your students finish their years satisfactorily?" she asked him, Myrrh had never been adept at small talk.

  • Presenting the Platonic Professorial Professionalism Grahame Galbreath, Tue Jan 12 14:57
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    • Re: Presenting the Platonic Professorial Professionalism — Myrrh Blackwell, Tue Jan 12 16:28
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