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Cora Corrington
I Carry You In My Heart
Tue Jan 12, 2010 20:30

Cora's bright blue eyes searched the features of the friend she thought she knew so well. Never before had she thought that in coming to Aelcrest she would find another soul so akin to hers as his. She had been lucky and considered herself blessed that she had not found just one but two such people that she could spend her time with. It seemed a far too short lived happiness now that he was leaving and she knew from his eyes that there was nothing she could do stop him. Perhaps that hurt more than the leaving itself.

She could nod at his explanation for leaving. She had told him once that the Manor would not have accepted him if he did not have the potential to become a great wizard and Cora believed in that. She knew that Sigismund could be so much more than what he thought himself to be, as though the non human part of him was holding him back from fulfilling his potential. But she also knew that he had to find out that he was worthy by himself, or he would never believe it and his time here would be as empty as he thought it to be.

The stone was smooth in her palm and she traced the lines of the wolf and siren, dancing together in lines of black against the soft grey of the granite. She wiped away the beginnings of a tear from her cheek and held the stone close to her chest. He lowered his snout and nuzzled her neck and her hand flew to his face, caressing the soft fur tenderly. "Whenever you are ready to come back, I'll be waiting," she promised him in a soft voice.

He turned away from her and the Siren within her began to uncurl itself unwillingly from the beast she had come to carry in her heart. It felt more like physical than emotional pain as he forced the distance between them further and she clutched the stone tightly as thought it was ease her pain. He looked back at her and she managed a small encouraging smile. She turned away too, treading through the snow and back towards the Manor. The only thing that kept her bond with the beast was the stone that she still clutched desperately to her chest. It would become her only beacon of light in an ever darkening world.

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