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Re: Outside the ball
Tue Jan 12, 2010 20:47

Hot tears were prickling the corners of her eyes as she marched away from the ball in distress. This was not how she was supposed to feel. Tonight was supposed to be about happiness and laughter and the promise of a bright future but it had turned into a nightmare. The last thing she wanted right now was another confrontation. Any more conflict and she may fall down dead from the weight of the emotion.

Of course, it was becoming alarmingly clear that the world was intend on not giving her what she wanted tonight and she almost immediately ran into Kaspar. His silver eyes were bright in the darkness of the entrance hall. Her reached her and she found she was too upset, too angry for words, so instead she rushed into his arms. Wrapping her arms around his waist she gave him a soft smile, at least someone had noticed the effort she had put into her appearance that evening.

  • Outside the ballKaspar O'Conner, Tue Jan 12 17:04
    Kaspar had decided he wasn’t going to the ball, there was no way he’d be able to face watching Van and Alex dance the night happily in the arms of one another. He had spent a bit of time in the woods ... more
    • Re: Outside the ball — Anonymous, Tue Jan 12 20:47
      • The kissKaspar, Tue Jan 12 20:59
        Kaspar was surprised when she wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled at him. He could tell she was near tears and he frowned. Why would she look so unhappy? He wrapped his arms around her back... more
        • One Perfect MomentLexie, Tue Jan 12 21:36
          The instant that his soft lips met hers she felt the worries of the evening melt away. It was a relief to throw off the pretentious façade of her every day life and truly enjoy a perfect moment with... more
          • Fight or FlightVan Mesko & Kaspar O'Conner, Tue Jan 12 22:07
            Van had slowly followed Lexie out of the dining hall; in fact he had just made it to the doors when he watched that dirty disgusting mudblood kiss his girlfriend. Anger boiled in him no one touched... more
            • Siren SignalCora Corrington, Fri Jan 15 21:46
              Her boots made little footprints as she meandered her way through the grounds. She hadn't meant to wander near to the forest but she had, completely unaware of her surrounds and lost in her thoughts. ... more
              • One Last DeedSigismund Steinsson, Sun Jan 17 17:29
                Sigismund had been lost in his thoughts, when he felt the burning of her call in his chest--- a simmering sensation spread throughout his body, and he saw very clearly the plight of his friend--- saw ... more
                • The CrowKaspar, Sun Jan 17 17:42
                  Kaspar had seen the wolf and the cry of something, the bird in him cried out. It was telling him to transform and call the boy Van Mesko to his death. Mother was coming he could feel her flying... more
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