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Kai Katini
On cue a.k.a. seriously how to make an entrance
Thu Jan 14, 2010 19:26

Kai had had his warning from Cal and had been waiting, rather impatiently alongside the hired band, for his cue. He knew Cal would take ages and ages - she always did, but being here on his own like a total loser, while that jerk Willoughby paraded his Sash around like some sort of prize was grating on him intensely. And Sash looked so beautiful, Kai thought rather desperately as he downed another glass of punch. She really was the most beautiful girl here tonight, and there was a lot of competition. But Sash stood out, a little golden flower amidst the lesser blooms. She laughed at something that prat said and Kai smashed his fist into the wall. Damn him. Damn him forever the smug, arrogant bastard.

And then he saw her, hesitating at the top of the far stairs. Wow. She looked. Wow. For the first time Kai really began to believe his plan might just work. The girl looked simply amazing, Cal was a genius and he owed he big time.

Quickly he nudged Simbo Chatterjan the bass player of 'The Hanging Harpies' and winked. He'd tipped them good for this favour so it better work. The band played a discordant note and stopped playing altogether. Disconsolate couples all round stopped dancing and chattering and looked up. Simbo waved his wand, the lights dimmed to 'ooohs' of appreciation from the crowd. Then he swung a beam of light onto the stairwell.

Sal was caught. Her diamonds flashed brightly in the light. There was a small silence.

  • Belle of the BallSally James, Sun Jan 10 23:11
    Sally's heart was beating faster than she thought it had ever done in her lifetime. She could practically see it beating through her chest and if anyone was standing within a foot of her she was... more
    • On cue a.k.a. seriously how to make an entrance — Kai Katini, Thu Jan 14 19:26
      • A moment of incomprehensionAaron Willoughby, Sat Jan 16 06:42
        The lights dimmed and Aaron, his arm around Sasha, pulled her close and grinned. She seemed pliant and willing enough and she was sweet and fresh and smelled so good. Aaron hoped that De Sai had the... more
        • I don't careSasha Groves, Sat Jan 16 06:54
          "Wow," a little voice whispered in Aaron's ear. "That's Sal, Aaron, Aaron, just look at Sally, she looks amazing," Sash pulled at his arm, seemingly wanting to go to join her friend. Aaron shrugged... more
          • FlushSally James, Sat Jan 16 22:15
            Sally batted Kai's hand away playfully as he circled her, squeezing her around the middle as he admired the back of her dress. She could feel the heat flood to her face just thinking about it. She... more
            • AwkwardSasha, Sun Jan 17 18:08
              "Thanks," Sasha said. There was another silence. It was all horribly uncomfortable. Sasha glanced quickly at Kai. He was looking at her but she couldn't work out what he was thinking. She blushed and ... more
              • UnhelpfulAaron, Wed Jan 20 19:30
                Aaron's gaze lingered on Sally's form. Insolently he looked her up and down, "Yeaaah," he said finally. He kept looking. He wasn't quite sure how to take this new apparition. Good to look at for... more
                • PoiseSally , Wed Jan 20 20:26
                  This was awkward. Way beyond awkward it was pure torture. He looked her up and down and she turned her head away to smile at Kai. She couldn't bear to see him sneer at her again. But he kept looking, ... more
                  • ReliefSasha, Fri Jan 22 17:52
                    Weirdly it was Sally, usually so socially inept, and not her date who broke the terrible silence. It was so unlike her that Sasha was briefly taken aback, but then relief washed over her. She could... more
                    • They're all the sameAaron, Fri Jan 22 18:10
                      So the dirty girl was just the same as all the rest. A wannabe. She wasn't usually like this, the drinking, the giggling, the designer clothes. This was some made up doll and she looked just like a... more
      • ShowtimeSally, Fri Jan 15 11:00
        "This is not so good," she muttered to herself keeping a fixed smile on her face as the light swung around. It danced across the array of diamonds that Calliope had pinned to her sending cascading... more
        • A low whistleKai, Fri Jan 15 13:41
          Kai held her round her surprisingly tiny waist (surprising in that he had never previously seen her in anything other than baggy tops and bikllowing shirts) and grinned. "Sally James you know you... more
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