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A low whistle
Fri Jan 15, 2010 13:41

Kai held her round her surprisingly tiny waist (surprising in that he had never previously seen her in anything other than baggy tops and bikllowing shirts) and grinned.

"Sally James you know you look absolutely amazing right? Cal is a freaking genius, you - you are seriously stunning girl."

He gave a low whistle and checked her out from the back, "Sexy lady I am digging your style, as are at least half the other guys in the room if you hadn't noticed," he pointed out a couple. Kai's night had suddenly looked up and he found to his surprise he wa enjoying this, whether it worked with Sash or not.

"I take it you've had cocktails with my sis, but can I tempt you for another drink m'lady?" He took her hand and led her through the crowded room.

  • ShowtimeSally, Fri Jan 15 11:00
    "This is not so good," she muttered to herself keeping a fixed smile on her face as the light swung around. It danced across the array of diamonds that Calliope had pinned to her sending cascading... more
    • A low whistle — Kai, Fri Jan 15 13:41
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