Calliope Katini
Alone? Impossible!
Fri Jan 15, 2010 15:58

Cal had taken a very long time, even by her standards to get ready for this ball. But then she had had the little mudblood to dress and lah somehow time passed. Probably somewhere within the champagne cocktails. She was glad she had told him not to arrive until after ten.

She longed to see their faces when they saw that she had a smoking hot date from outside the school. An older boy - a man even perhaps she might say, for he was 21 years old already. True they weren't exactly an item - yet; but they may very well be after this evening. And it would teach that Aaron Willoughby what he was missing - the bastard. Cal looked in the mirror. Yes darhling she was divine, as always. The tight bright pink dress hugged her willowy figure. Her face, her hair, her make up, her nails all all immaculate darling. She blew a kiss at her reflection and with a final spray of perfume she floated out of her room.

She smiled vaguely at some people she recognised, with that superior air which everyone associated with her. But when she arrived at the stairwell her mood changed. He was not there, she could not see him! Utterly utterly inconceivable that he could have stood her up! She refused to believe it.

She could see her brother dancing with Miss Smelly, who was somehow holding it together, though Cal did not see how her very perfunctory lesson in grace and manners could possibly have taught the stupid mudblood how to dance in heels.

Now where was Guy Archer damn him?

  • The Masquerade BallAelcrest Manor, Tue Jan 5 19:22
    The Dining Hall of Aelcrest had been elegantly crafted years ago., a fact that its occupants ignored. Normally the light coming in from the large arched windows with their bits of stained glass in... more
    • The awkward circle (continuing thread)Kai Katini, Sat Jan 23 21:34
      Whilst Aaron was off chatting with Guy, he had left Sasha all alone in the circle of awkwardness. Kai looked at her, he couldn't help himself. So tiny and fragile and alone was his golden girl. And... more
      • The declarationSasha, Sat Jan 23 21:42
        Sasha nodded. She didn't trust herself to speak, but she kept her eyes fixed on Kai. Slowly slowly, it felt as if time had slowed down, he put out his hand towards her and she placed hers in his. She ... more
        • In loveKai, Sat Jan 23 21:49
          Kai grinned like a crazy person he couldn't help it. How about this for the best day ever? Who said the best laid plans were bound to fail? She loved him? She loved him! Even his wildest imaginigs... more
          • AbandonedSally James, Sat Jan 23 21:57
            In the confusion of people arriving and leaving the circle that she had unintentionally created there was little chance of anyone noticing Sasha and Kai go off together. Sally noticed. She heard each ... more
            • TroubleLeone, Sat Jan 23 22:02
              Leone didn't notice them leave, still feeling a bit concerned for Ted after Sophie's departure. Only when Sally brushed against her as she left the circle did she notice that they were missing.... more
              • Odd man in Ted, Sun Jan 24 22:32
                He watched Sophie - his Sophie- leave with Mattia Desai. It was all he could do not to abandon Leone and run after them to take his hands off his girlfriend. THey had vanished before he could put... more
              • Booby prizeGuy Archer, Sun Jan 24 08:53
                Guy winked at Aaron. "You owe me here big time Willoughby," he grinned and picking up Calliope by the waist he flung her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift. She giggled weakly. "Let's check out... more
                • Plotting revengeAaron, Sun Jan 24 09:04
                  Aaron had been having such a good time with Guy that he had pretty much forgotten Sasha and indeed everyone else. He saluted Guy, who was jogging off with the semi conscious Katini flung over his... more
                  • Last Person on EarthSally James, Sun Jan 24 10:48
                    Sally had kicked her shoes off to rest her aching feet. Now that Kai was off with Sasha, and Aaron clearly hadn't looked twice there was really very little point in keeping up the appearance. They... more
                    • On familiar groundAaron, Sun Jan 24 11:03
                      Aaron grinned. Despite appearances it was it some ways reassuring to know that you could rely on the dirty girl to be sarcastic and snide. "Such aggressive manners for such a pretty little thing,"... more
    • Alone? Impossible! — Calliope Katini, Fri Jan 15 15:58
      • Family obligationsGuy Archer, Sat Jan 23 09:23
        Guy had not been particularly looking forward to this evening. Had it not been for the fact that he could catch up with Aaron and check up on his appalling little brat of a brother, he would probably ... more
        • Me and the bar meet Guy ArcherCalliope, Sat Jan 23 16:23
          Calliope was propping up the bar. She felt sure that's what she was doing anyway. The bar was after all swaying slightly and looked like it really needed propping up. She slapped it lightly. Good old ... more
          • The beat goes onGuy Archer, Sat Jan 23 16:51
            Unfortunately for the luckless Cal, unbeknownst to her, she had probably chosen the one male figure in the world guaranteed not to annoy Aaron even if he had liked her. Guy Archer and Aaron... more
            • The accidentCal, Sat Jan 23 17:09
              Cal clutched onto Guy and giggled. She wasn't sure she trusted herself to stand unaided without her friend the bar at this moment, so she held on to him tightly as they danced. His arms snaked around ... more
              • Accident ProneLexie, Sat Jan 23 18:15
                She couldn't think straight. Everything was slightly blurry and all she could see when she blinked was flashing images of Van and Kaspar. She was so lost in the whirl of emotions that she didn't see... more
                • Little MissGuy, Sat Jan 23 18:36
                  With a quick wave of his wand the stain shrank back into itself and vanished with a reluctant splash. "Don't stress it," he said and his eyes twinkled. The little one had a very serious and alarmed... more
                  • ReliefLexie, Sat Jan 23 19:03
                    Lexie sighed with relief and even managed to let a tiny smile spread gently across her face. She nodded at the vanished stain and took his offered hand. Her mother's training of her took over and she ... more
                    • RoyaltyGuy, Sat Jan 23 19:22
                      Guy was pleased he had bothered to be nice to the kid. So she was a Bastrova and a Princess. Despite her youth he decided that she would appreciate being taken seriously, "A pleasure Princess," he... more
    • Just love to dancePerdita, Fri Jan 15 08:24
      Perdita came down the stairs with a hop and skip and several leaps. She could hear the music blasting out and she longed to dance. It was times like these when she realised just how much she missed... more
    • WE have arrived - an important entranceFelton Archer, Wed Jan 13 17:05
      Felton had arrived. He felt the room must surely know it. He strutted proudly with a beautiful Princess on his arm. She was worthy of an Archer he felt, and presumed she was honoured to be gracing... more
      • Royal EntranceAnastasia Bastrova, Fri Jan 15 23:13
        Oh how Felton knew how to play to her desires. Their entrance was just what she would have contrived herself, ensuring every single one of the unclean filth that had somehow managed to engineer their ... more
    • ArrivingBrad, Wed Jan 13 15:26
      Bradley walked in with Aya. He'd kept his promise. Was just them two. He'd even picked her up early. On time by other standards, early by Bradley times. Dressed up in his younger cousin's suit.... more
      • Roses are Red Aya Gee , Wed Jan 20 20:16
        Aya was glowing, simply glowing. Her dress was simple but she had taken some advice from one of the older girls and she had managed to make the lace glamerous. Her arm was wrapped tightly around his, ... more
        • PinkBradley, Sat Jan 23 10:10
          He smiled at her story. Leave it to Aya Gee to panic over a paper that she didn't even have to do. She drew the boquet towards her and he couldn't help but think that she was one of those girls who... more
          • FloralAya , Sat Jan 23 18:29
            She shot him a playful smile and gently arranged the petals back into their place with a small sigh. "These are cut flowers," she tried to explain to him, slowly so that he'd understand. The boy... more
            • Let's walkBrad, Sun Jan 24 22:36
              Bradley smiled. Aya could be girly. That was part of her charm. But there was more to here than that. She was just the type who refused to see it. He stood as she did. "I've got a better idea." he... more
    • Presenting the Platonic Professorial Professionalism Grahame Galbreath, Tue Jan 12 14:57
      Grahame waited patiently outside the entrance to the transformed Dining Hall--- he had managed to stay away from the liquor cabinet long enough to sober up--- and a rare sensation of nerves was... more
    • Belle of the BallSally James, Sun Jan 10 23:11
      Sally's heart was beating faster than she thought it had ever done in her lifetime. She could practically see it beating through her chest and if anyone was standing within a foot of her she was... more
      • On cue a.k.a. seriously how to make an entranceKai Katini, Thu Jan 14 19:26
        Kai had had his warning from Cal and had been waiting, rather impatiently alongside the hired band, for his cue. He knew Cal would take ages and ages - she always did, but being here on his own like... more
        • A moment of incomprehensionAaron Willoughby, Sat Jan 16 06:42
          The lights dimmed and Aaron, his arm around Sasha, pulled her close and grinned. She seemed pliant and willing enough and she was sweet and fresh and smelled so good. Aaron hoped that De Sai had the... more
          • I don't careSasha Groves, Sat Jan 16 06:54
            "Wow," a little voice whispered in Aaron's ear. "That's Sal, Aaron, Aaron, just look at Sally, she looks amazing," Sash pulled at his arm, seemingly wanting to go to join her friend. Aaron shrugged... more
            • FlushSally James, Sat Jan 16 22:15
              Sally batted Kai's hand away playfully as he circled her, squeezing her around the middle as he admired the back of her dress. She could feel the heat flood to her face just thinking about it. She... more
              • AwkwardSasha, Sun Jan 17 18:08
                "Thanks," Sasha said. There was another silence. It was all horribly uncomfortable. Sasha glanced quickly at Kai. He was looking at her but she couldn't work out what he was thinking. She blushed and ... more
                • UnhelpfulAaron, Wed Jan 20 19:30
                  Aaron's gaze lingered on Sally's form. Insolently he looked her up and down, "Yeaaah," he said finally. He kept looking. He wasn't quite sure how to take this new apparition. Good to look at for... more
                  • PoiseSally , Wed Jan 20 20:26
                    This was awkward. Way beyond awkward it was pure torture. He looked her up and down and she turned her head away to smile at Kai. She couldn't bear to see him sneer at her again. But he kept looking, ... more
                    • ReliefSasha, Fri Jan 22 17:52
                      Weirdly it was Sally, usually so socially inept, and not her date who broke the terrible silence. It was so unlike her that Sasha was briefly taken aback, but then relief washed over her. She could... more
        • ShowtimeSally, Fri Jan 15 11:00
          "This is not so good," she muttered to herself keeping a fixed smile on her face as the light swung around. It danced across the array of diamonds that Calliope had pinned to her sending cascading... more
          • A low whistleKai, Fri Jan 15 13:41
            Kai held her round her surprisingly tiny waist (surprising in that he had never previously seen her in anything other than baggy tops and bikllowing shirts) and grinned. "Sally James you know you... more
    • Golden girlSasha Groves, Sat Jan 9 21:56
      Sasha was radiant. She knew that this was her moment. She knew that tonight, if at no other point, she would, she must be the envy of every girl in the school. She had a date with Aaron Willoughby.... more
      • Cold and hardAaron Willoughby, Sun Jan 10 08:19
        "Lovely Sash," Aaron said and taking her hand kissed it whilst looking deeply into her eyes. He felt sure that would be enough to make her swoon, indeed it seemed to be having the desired effect. The ... more
    • What fun a ball.Layla & Jude Embers, Thu Jan 7 23:02
      Layla had forced Jude to attend the ball as her dance partner; she shuddered at the word date. Her twin was not her date, he was her dance partner. Of course Jude being his normal self had dressed in ... more
      • Want to dance?Jordan Hamilton, Fri Jan 8 18:44
        Dear Journal: So it's almost the end of my first year and for that they went and threw us a big fancy dress-up party. Everyone went and got dressed up and everyone's acting like it's a huge deal.... more
        • Love toLayla Embers, Fri Jan 8 18:52
          Layla smiled at the younger boy, he seemed nice and she liked to dance but if Jude saw he wouldn’t be happy, she was to marry within the caravan, but it was only one dance. She nodded. “I’d love to... more
          • Re: Love toJordan, Fri Jan 8 19:10
            so I took her hand and we went out on the dance floor. "I'm Jordan Hamilton. I'm a first year year in Weir House." It was weird and kinda awkward because I'm not used to dancing to this sort of... more
            • My type of schoolLayla, Sat Jan 9 01:35
              Layla smiled when he introduced himself, she didn’t care that he was only a first year. He was nice and just about the only person who had talked her besides her brother. When he went into his ramble ... more
              • Private dancerJordan, Sat Jan 9 13:04
                I smiled and I seriously doubt that mask hid it. "You were homeschooled too?! So was I! That is this is the first time I been to an actual school like school. Seems to be the thing for people like us ... more
                • HomeschooledLayla, Tue Jan 19 13:01
                  Layla laughed as Jordan seemed to get so excited for her to be homeschooled. “I love to dance.” She said with a smile. “It’s not a private dance; this music just isn’t the type to do the sword dance. ... more
                  • Re: HomeschooledJordan, Fri Jan 22 17:11
                    I was going around picking up bits of food here and there because I hadn't since dinner which was hours ago. I used two plates holding them on my arm so my hands were free just so she didn't have to... more
    • The Parting (part I)Sigismund Steinsson, Thu Jan 7 11:16
      The sounds of music and sights of young wizards turned handsome gentlemen, young witches adorned in elegant gowns--- they were nothing that Sigismund could ever feel a part of. Wearing a heavy cloak, ... more
      • Parting WordsCora Corrington, Thu Jan 7 18:29
        Cora had contemplated going to the ball for many hours but she couldn't quite bring herself to commit to it. She had dressed for it, though she was no where near as elegant as everyone else. Her... more
        • The Parting (Part II)Sigismund Steinsson, Mon Jan 11 13:39
          It was here that the universe halted Sigismund's flight. Amidst all the certainty of his direction, and the undying urge of the beast to flee this realm of petty socialization--- there was one thing... more
          • I Carry You In My HeartCora Corrington , Tue Jan 12 20:30
            Cora's bright blue eyes searched the features of the friend she thought she knew so well. Never before had she thought that in coming to Aelcrest she would find another soul so akin to hers as his.... more
    • Cinderella SyndromeOrion Hardy, Thu Jan 7 00:07
      Orion peered about as she made a not so dignified entrance to the Dining Hall. Her dress was bugging her already and her mask was hanging by the elastic from her wrist. It wasn't like anyone was... more
      • An entourageGrace, Thu Jan 7 00:49
        Grace shrugged on her wrap again. It had this annoying habit of slipping off and while several other girls insisted it was supposed to drape cross her arms, she couldn't help but be annoyed. She only ... more
        • WomenLeo Hardy, Thu Jan 7 01:12
          He frowned as his sister bashed into him accidentially on purpose and turned around to give her the row of a lifetime. She still hadn't quite forgiven him for the thing with Quidditch and since... more
          • Ignoring the obviousGrace, Thu Jan 7 01:33
            She smiled at his comment. It wasn't that she hadn't noticed the way Leo had commented her, like it was some requirement he had to get out of the way. She had noticed it all right, but she didn't... more
            • Pausing on the stairwayTalora de Black, Fri Jan 8 17:08
              Talora paused on the stairway. Not to make some grand B-girl sweeping entrance, but merely because she felt extremely nervous. Ranger pulled on her arm, and Talora smiled vaguely and gestured that... more
              • Lady's choiceRanger, Sat Jan 9 00:16
                Ranger had to go and buy another suit just for the occasion. He'd gone and outgrown the last one he owned. Even if he hadn't, there were too many shiny and threadbare spots in the joints of it. It... more
                • Pretty in PunchLeo, Sat Jan 9 15:48
                  Leo's eyes were dragged away from the double dose of annoying his sister and Grace were giving him by a jaw-droppingly gorgeous looking Talora. His heart did that twisting thing it had done when... more
                  • The new TaloraRandy, Sat Jan 9 20:44
                    Randy gave his sister a stern look before Leo nudged him. He followed his friend's gaze to Talora de Black and Ranger Pitt. He raised an eyebrow. "Not too bad." he said in non-committed fashion. "... more
                    • KiddingGrace, Sat Jan 9 20:53
                      Grace frowned at Leo's lack of reaction, then followed his look to the entrance of the Hall. She took a determined sip of her punch. That girl again. First she was trying to take Troy, now she was... more
    • Fallen PetalsSophie, Wed Jan 6 22:59
      Sophie's Dress Sophie took one last breath of cold air before starting down the staircase into the Entrance Hall. Her hands were shaking and she couldn't seem to stop them, except by holding on very... more
      • Pride of arm candyMattia, Thu Jan 7 00:06
        Mattia Desai and his friends had stood aside from the others. There were other Quidditch players among the crowd, and one respectable Trader, but that didn't put them all at the same level as the B's ... more
        • VisionSophie Coulten, Thu Jan 7 00:38
          Sophie caught Ted's eyes for just a moment as he greeted Leone and her heart did one of those little somersaults that were completely unexpected. Then her gaze was broken by her boyfriend looking... more
          • Planning his next moveMattia, Sat Jan 9 23:18
            She was a good dancer, Sophie. Though of course Mattia expected that. She'd been under the tutelage of the B girls and they would have made sure she knew the proper movements. That in addition to... more
            • RefreshmentSophie Coulten, Sun Jan 10 22:47
              Sophie turned to her boyfriend and gave him a playful glare, hitting him lightly with her fan. "I shall take that as a compliment Mr Desai, as I hope you intended it," she could not hide the giggle... more
              • PleasantriesMattia, Mon Jan 11 20:05
                "of course my dear" he answered and kissed her cheek before leaving her. He stared thoughtfully at the punch as he filled her glass but decided against it. It was too verblown. Inelegant. That and... more
                • What the Future may HoldSophie, Tue Jan 12 15:00
                  As Mattia talked Sophie listened to him, probably for the first time in their relationship. Usually she would glaze over whatever he was saying, only really paying attention to the highlights of his... more
      • The Ladies of the BallTed, Wed Jan 6 23:39
        Ted waited, hovering around the staircase with the other students who had the pleasure of taking a member of the B Hive court to the End of the Year Ball. They watched as one by one the women... more
        • Friend DateLeone Bates, Thu Jan 7 00:23
          Leone had been trying her best all day not to feel too incredibly miserable, hadn't worked too well. Facts were facts and Kai was at the ball with someone else and that someone was probably far... more
          • The fun of the fussTed, Sat Jan 9 23:59
            They walked into the Hall and gave everyone a good look as they did. Everyone else had come here ready to pause to be oooh'd and ahhh'd over. Ted and Leone had come for a party and their joint... more
            • Having a BlastLeone, Sun Jan 10 22:53
              Leone was having one hell of a good time. She hardly though about Kai at all, even when Sasha came in surprisingly on Aaron Willoughby's arm. Queen B would not like that, whoever she turned out to be ... more
    • By Invitation onlyRuby Frazer, Tue Jan 5 22:53
      Early in the evening a town car dropped off a young , finely dressed young man at the manor house doors. He knocked and waited, presenting Mr. Sundbee with a folded piece of stiff cardstock when the... more
    • The Letter and the BallVan Mesko, Tue Jan 5 22:38
      Van had been preparing for the ball when the owl flew into his empty room. He had enjoyed the perks of having a single room for sometime now. He walked over and took off the letter; from the outside... more
      • EleganceAlexandria Batrova, Wed Jan 6 00:08
        Alexandria gazed at herself in the mirror for a very long time before finally deciding that she was in fact as perfect as she could possibly make herself. The gown had been specially designed for her ... more
        • Forgetting for a momentVan, Wed Jan 6 02:14
          Van smiled at her when she said she tried to look wonderful. “Well my darling you’re beautiful so it can’t be very hard.” Van forced a smile. His mind kept slipping back to his mother as they made... more
          • Lightening the MoodLexie, Tue Jan 12 15:21
            Alexandria was doing her best to shine against the variety of other classy women that were attending the ball. She was after all, only a first year and she could not quite compete with the older... more
            • AnnoyedVan, Tue Jan 12 15:34
              Van watched the girl sip her drink his mother’s tortured face still haunted him. His attention was snapped back when Lexie called him Darling. His mother used to call him that, how unusual it was to... more
              • AffrontedLexie, Tue Jan 12 16:53
                Van's words stung in her ears, worse than if he had just kicked her to the floor. She turned to him with a wide eyed shocked expression, unable to speak for a change. The thing that hurt the most was ... more
                • Outside the ballKaspar O'Conner, Tue Jan 12 17:04
                  Kaspar had decided he wasn’t going to the ball, there was no way he’d be able to face watching Van and Alex dance the night happily in the arms of one another. He had spent a bit of time in the woods ... more
                  • Re: Outside the ballAnonymous, Tue Jan 12 20:47
                    Hot tears were prickling the corners of her eyes as she marched away from the ball in distress. This was not how she was supposed to feel. Tonight was supposed to be about happiness and laughter and... more
                    • The kissKaspar, Tue Jan 12 20:59
                      Kaspar was surprised when she wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled at him. He could tell she was near tears and he frowned. Why would she look so unhappy? He wrapped his arms around her back... more
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