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Anastasia Bastrova
Royal Entrance
Fri Jan 15, 2010 23:13

Oh how Felton knew how to play to her desires. Their entrance was just what she would have contrived herself, ensuring every single one of the unclean filth that had somehow managed to engineer their way into the school knew that they have arrived. Where as her simple twin sister had attached herself to the quite frankly highly unstable Van Mesko she had secured herself a much more prudent allegiance. Van Mesko could never be what Felton Archer was. Pure blood was perhaps a matter of chance of circumstance but remaining in good social standing was a skill not every pure blood possessed.

He was, to put it briefly, simply divine.

A satisfied smirk played on her lips as they brushed past the filthy mudbloods and Felton knocked them back so nicely. "Felton, darling, you are delightfully wicked," she purred into his ear.

  • WE have arrived - an important entranceFelton Archer, Wed Jan 13 17:05
    Felton had arrived. He felt the room must surely know it. He strutted proudly with a beautiful Princess on his arm. She was worthy of an Archer he felt, and presumed she was honoured to be gracing... more
    • Royal Entrance — Anastasia Bastrova, Fri Jan 15 23:13
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