Sasha Groves
I don't care
Sat Jan 16, 2010 06:54

"Wow," a little voice whispered in Aaron's ear. "That's Sal, Aaron, Aaron, just look at Sally, she looks amazing," Sash pulled at his arm, seemingly wanting to go to join her friend.

Aaron shrugged and allowed himself to be led. Sasha couldn't believe her friend could look like that, and admiration was tinged perhaps with a little jealousy. She, Sasha, was the one who the boys flirted with and lusted after. Since when did Sal care about things like that? But primarily she wanted to give her friend a hug and to squeal together over the beauties of her dress. She took Aaron's hand in hers and started to weave her way through the crowds towards the stair as Sal descended.

She never made it that far. From a distance of only about five metres away she saw Sal fling her arms around a guy and kiss him.

That guy was Kai.

Sash froze and she felt the colour rise in her face. She turned back to Aaron. Why should she care if her friend had a date with her ex? Why should she care if that friend just happened to look stunning tonight? Why should she care if she had just kissed him?

She didn't. Of course not. Which is why she said lightly, with just a small catch in her voice, "Actually I'm really thirsty Aaron, shall we get a drink?"

She looked at her date. he was truly the most gorgeous guy in the room. Scratch that - the most gorgeous guy she had ever met. So she was totally happy.


  • A moment of incomprehensionAaron Willoughby, Sat Jan 16 06:42
    The lights dimmed and Aaron, his arm around Sasha, pulled her close and grinned. She seemed pliant and willing enough and she was sweet and fresh and smelled so good. Aaron hoped that De Sai had the... more
    • I don't care — Sasha Groves, Sat Jan 16 06:54
      • FlushSally James, Sat Jan 16 22:15
        Sally batted Kai's hand away playfully as he circled her, squeezing her around the middle as he admired the back of her dress. She could feel the heat flood to her face just thinking about it. She... more
        • AwkwardSasha, Sun Jan 17 18:08
          "Thanks," Sasha said. There was another silence. It was all horribly uncomfortable. Sasha glanced quickly at Kai. He was looking at her but she couldn't work out what he was thinking. She blushed and ... more
          • UnhelpfulAaron, Wed Jan 20 19:30
            Aaron's gaze lingered on Sally's form. Insolently he looked her up and down, "Yeaaah," he said finally. He kept looking. He wasn't quite sure how to take this new apparition. Good to look at for... more
            • PoiseSally , Wed Jan 20 20:26
              This was awkward. Way beyond awkward it was pure torture. He looked her up and down and she turned her head away to smile at Kai. She couldn't bear to see him sneer at her again. But he kept looking, ... more
              • ReliefSasha, Fri Jan 22 17:52
                Weirdly it was Sally, usually so socially inept, and not her date who broke the terrible silence. It was so unlike her that Sasha was briefly taken aback, but then relief washed over her. She could... more
                • They're all the sameAaron, Fri Jan 22 18:10
                  So the dirty girl was just the same as all the rest. A wannabe. She wasn't usually like this, the drinking, the giggling, the designer clothes. This was some made up doll and she looked just like a... more
                  • The kissKai, Fri Jan 22 19:21
                    "Bring it on," Kai answered and glared at him. "Only here and now is hardly the appropriate place Willoughby," he glanced at Sash and Sal. The dark head and the blonde were close together now, they... more
                    • The FalloutSally James, Sat Jan 23 09:11
                      Sasha started talking about shoes and dresses and other girly things that, despite appearances, Sally knew next to nothing about. Calliope could dress her up like a B, make her walk like a B, but she ... more
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